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Projects of the Cultural Office

In addition to numerous unique and exciting cultural projects in the region, Münsterland e.V. is also a sponsor for its own projects. In the area of culture, the Münsterland Cultural Office is currently implementing the cultural podcast Mission Weißer Flamingo and the Münsterland Festival:

Presenting hidden cultural places in Münsterland and getting to know the people who go all out for art and culture in the region - that's the idea behind the monthly podcast Mission Weißer Fl amingo by Kulturbüro employee Anna-Ida Almus.

Every two years, the Münsterland Festival brings well-known and unknown European musicians to small and large cultural venues in the region. Almost 40 countries have been presented in the last ten years. The eleventh edition will take place in autumn 2021.

The Münsterland Cultural Office and the Münsterland Festival are pleased to be WDR 3 cultural partners under the motto "Partnership for more culture". You can find more information on the WDR 3 Cultural Partnership website.

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