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Schreibmaschine und Mikrofon bei einer Lesung von Larissa Schleher, NRW 2020
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Literary artists write about their perspectives on the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Every two years, the literary residency programme brings ten writers to the cultural regions of North Rhine-Westphalia for four months. The regional writers are on the road, exploring cities, villages and the countryside and meeting their inhabitants. They present their literary and artistic impressions on the blog, at readings and on Facebook and Instagram .

The Residency Programme

During the four-month residency, the authors are on the road, exploring the city, village and countryside, meeting the inhabitants and implementing literary-artistic project ideas. The focus is not only on urban centres, but especially on the rural areas of NRW. There are ten cultural regions to choose from for a residency: Bergisches Land, Hellweg, Münsterland, Lower Rhine, East Westphalia-Lippe, Aachen region, Rhine region, Ruhr region, Sauerland and South Westphalia.

The residents each receive a scholarship of 7200 euros. They can expect an accompanying programme with joint excursions, activities and networking events. Selected works by all the regional writers will be published in autumn 2022 in the third edition of the anthology NRW.

The Anthology 2022

The Anthology 2022 The Anthology 2022

The newly published anthology " - 10 literary perspectives on NRW" pays tribute to the thematic, artistic and linguistic diversity of this year's regional writers: ten chapters contain selected works by all authors - in German, and in some cases also in French, Spanish, English and Ukrainian. If you are interested in the book, you are welcome to contact for your own free copy of the anthology. Alternatively, the anthology is now available for download. NRW 2022

2022 Neïtah Janzing is on the road as a regional writer in Münsterland. From March to June, she explores the region, takes analogue photographs and writes lyrical postcards to people she doesn't know. She also makes the paper for the postcards herself. If you would like to receive a postcard from Neïtah Janzing, please contact her by email at You can find more information about her project here: NRW 2020

In 2020, the Berlin author Charlotte Krafft was on tour as a regional writer in Münsterland. Under the title "Future Fresco", the writer with a penchant for science fiction described and "painted" the rural area with visions of future places of remembrance. The resulting texts are teeming with umbrellas, Spoekenkiekerinnen and moorland monsters. Curious? Everything about the NRW 2020 issue, an interview with Charlotte Krafft and the anthology with texts by all ten regional writers from NRW can be found here:

Futuristic in Münsterland
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