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Literary practitioners write about their perspectives on the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Ten authors have been selected for the second edition of the state-wide literature project NRW. From March to June, the scholarship holders explored their region for four months and processed impressions of everyday life and peculiarities of the cultural diversity of North Rhine-Westphalia with literary-artistic means .

All texts, pictures, collages and works were published on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram published.

Charlotte Krafft: Futuristic in Münsterland

Charlotte Krafft, Regional Secretary Münsterland 2020
© William Minke/Korbinian Verlag

Charlotte Krafft was on the road in Münsterland as part of As the daughter of two landscape architects with a soft spot for science fiction, horror and fantasy, Charlotte Krafft asked herself: "Why do almost all visions of the future always refer to and relate to urban conurbations, and why does the development of places and landscapes with monumental value hardly ever play a role in them? In Münsterland, she pursued the question "whether the rural space, the village, the small town might not also serve as an undescribed space of hope precisely because of its neglect in speculative literature".

Charlotte Krafft, born in 1991 in Berlin-Wedding, living in Berlin-Weißensee since 2013, studied historical linguistics and German literature at Humboldt University and literary writing at the Leipzig Literature Institute. She is a founding member of the literary clique Rich Kids Of Literature, discoverer of hyperirony and was briefly editor of the literary magazine Abwärts. Meanwhile, she published the hyperironic adventure serial novel Amore Plastik there. She also occasionally writes essays, dramolettes or short stories for Das Wetter, Metamorphosen and the SZ. In May 2020, her short story collection "The palm trees on the beach of Acapulco, they nod - An endless story about death in a foreign world" was published by Korbinian Verlag.

The Anthology 2020

The anthology gathers the impressions of the 10 regional writers of 2020. With haikus, asphalt finlings, typewriter interviews, science fiction and many other surprises, the book invites you on a literary journey through NRW. Do you prefer to browse through the printed book? Then send an email to for your free copy of the anthology.

Towards the Future Münsterland: Performance and Reading in the Senden Castle Park

Scheibe & Güntzel
© Ralf Emmerich

Regional writer Charlotte Krafft and artist Jan Philip Scheibe staged the longest day of the year in the vegetable patch.

Twice art and culture on the longest day of the year. The art vegetable garden at Senden Castle, newly planted as part of the project "PRESERVED // Altland - Neuland", became the stage for two special performances on 21 June 2020:

Charlotte Krafft took us on a literary journey into the future of Münsterland. "Why do almost all visions of the future always refer to urban agglomerations," she wondered, "and why does the development of places and landscapes with monumental value hardly ever play a role in them?" Krafft processed her impressions of the region's nature and culture into modern science fiction literature. Schloss Senden offered her particular inspiration for her texts, which deal with rural areas and their change over time from a future perspective.

On the summer solstice, Jan Philip Scheibe brought light, science and poetry together from 11 am: He set up a mobile solar station in the middle of the vegetable garden, complete with laptop and LED ticker, and acted as a human interface himself. Throughout the day and into the evening - as long as the sun's energy was flowing - he researched scientific findings about the sun and its influence on the earth live on site and shared them with the audience via neon signs.

Charlotte Krafft ...

Charlotte Krafft at the Dülmen Wild Horses Charlotte Krafft at the Dülmen Wild Horses
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About the project

The scholarship holders were on the road in the ten cultural regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and present their texts on the blog NRW 2020 as well as at readings.

The project NRW goes back to an idea of the cultural region Aachen, which tested the format and implemented it for the first time for ten cultural regions in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017. In 2020, the Lower Rhine region was in charge of the programme. The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science and the Cultural Offices of the Regional Cultural Policy.

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