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Literary practitioners write about their perspectives on the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Ten authors have been selected for the third edition of the state-wide literature project NRW. Until June, the scholarship holders will explore their region and process impressions of everyday life and special features of the cultural diversity of North Rhine-Westphalia using literary and artistic means.

All texts, pictures, collages and works will be published on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram published.

Neïtah Janzing: Postcards in Münsterland

Neïtah Janzing, Regional Secretary Münsterland 2022
© Neïtah Janzing

Neïtah Janzing (*1997) organised monthly reading stages at the Bibliothèque St-Germain in Saint Hyacinthe, Canada, while studying costume and stage design. In 2019, she migrated to Germany and joined the Résau des Autrices francophones de Berlin, the network of French-speaking female authors in Berlin, in the capital. Together, the network realises reading stages, lectureships and text workshops. Janzing has twice been a web resident at the Hôtel des Autrices and in 2021 exhibited short poems in a hospital in Madrid, Spain, as part of the Cultura en Vena initiative. As part of her letter projects , she invites participants to write letters to people they do not know. She has already tested the format in the Czech Republic and Germany and is now developing it further for her residency: in Münsterland, she creates postcards from her photos of the region and sends her impressions in a few words to unknown people.

About the project

Every two years, the literary residency programme brings ten writers to the ten cultural regions of North Rhine-Westphalia for four months. The authors are on the road, exploring cities, villages and the countryside and meeting their inhabitants. They publish their literary and artistic impressions on the blog, at readings and on social media channels.

From March to June 2022, the project will enter its third round with ten residents: Ulrike Anna Bleier, Rabab Haidar, Neïtah Janzing, Tanja Maljartschuk, Kadir Özdemir, Álvaro Parrilla Álvarez, Tobias Schulenburg, Tobias Siebert, Dorian Steinhoff and Stefanie de Velasco.

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