Ein Kessel Buntes | Programme at the Mühlenhof | Münster
The Mühlenhof Open-Air Museum in Münster
© Mühlenhof - Freilichtmuseum Münster/Borgmann
Ein Kessel Buntes
The evening programme

Ein Kessel Buntes: Program at the Mühlenhof

The Münsterland cultural region is truly diverse - as the programme of "Ein Kessel Buntes" shows. You can't miss this cultural festival! It will take place on 21 May 2022 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Mühlenhof Open-Air Museum in Münster.

Here you can get an overview of which artists will be at the event and what they will be presenting.

You can buy tickets for the evening programme here. If you want to be culturally entertained before the evening event, you can travel on one of the four star tours.

Members of Campus Brass Members of Campus Brass
© Campus-Brass

"Campus-Brass" is a freshly founded brass quintet consisting of students from the Münster University of Music and academics from the Münster Symphony Orchestra. From Samuel Scheidt to the Beatles: there is something for everyone in the colourful mix of classical, pop and swing.

The 500 students of the Münster University of Music are the "New Stars for Münsterland", shining throughout the region with concerts and communicative formats. The artistic breadth of the supported projects ranges from modern music to world music, classical, folk and pop. Planned by student initiative, the events take place not only at cultural venues, but also in schools, churches, community centres and senior residences.

Trumpet: Tabea Löbbecke, Min Hyeok Kim | Horn: Karl Unger | Trombone: Chun-Chi Chen | Bass Trombone: Maximilian Schmidt

Performances at "Ein Kessel Buntes": three times throughout the evening

The band Folks Music at a performance The band Folks Music at a performance
© Folks Music
Folks Music

With the band "Folks Music", the audience can expect the finest jazz inspired by the traditions of folk songs. Sebastian Netta on drums, Sebastian Altekamp on piano, Ingo Senst on bass and Gaby Goldberg as special guest give their all at "Ein Kessel Buntes".

The RKP-sponsored Forest and Meadow Concerts by Sebastian Netta offer a venue for neighbourhood concerts in villages and farming communities in Münsterland with the mobile Bonsai Stages.

Performances at "Ein Kessel Buntes": 6 and 7.15 p.m.

Anja Kreysing and Helmut Buntjer Anja Kreysing and Helmut Buntjer
© Geschichten aus dem Nebel
Geschichten aus dem Nebel

"this honourable fish" is music for the film in your head. Trombone and accordion with electronics in a previously unheard way. As passionate and well-rehearsed (silent) film musicians and performers, and as curators of the film concert series "Schwarz-weiss ist die bessere Farbe" (Black and White is the Better Colour) in Münster, Anja Kreysing & Helmut Buntjer make music with and without film.

"Stories from the Fog" is the title of the RKP-funded series in 2018/2019 in cooperation with various local history societies in Münsterland. Eerie silent movie classics, gloomy stories, Dönekes and Vertellkes from the dark side of the Münsterland region provided pleasant shivers and lots of fun.

Performance at "Ein Kessel Buntes": 6.30 p.m.

Character of the series Haus Kummerveldt Character of the series Haus Kummerveldt
© Goldstoff Filme/ABBYLL
House Kummerveldt

Haus Kummerveldt - Germany's first fictional historical short-form series. Its basic ingredients: Melancholy, morbidity and black humour. The plot revolves around Luise von Kummerveldt. She wants to become world famous, preferably as a writer. But the German Empire does not provide fame for women and the female scope of action in this patriarchal society is tighter than the corset they have to wear.

The first two episodes of this award-winning, historical web series will be presented at "Ein Kessel Buntes". It was filmed exclusively in Münsterland. Director Mark Lorei and producer Lotte Ruf will be at the event and look forward to questions from the audience after the screening.

Start of the screening: 7.45 p.m.

Band members of the Heimat X Band Band members of the Heimat X Band
© Verena Ziegler
Heimat X Band

The Heimat X Band is on tour again, bringing intercultural and modern folk songs with them! On 21 May, the premiere of a new formation will be experienced: With guitarist and singer Mazen Mohsen, kanun player Wajed Alhafyan, percussionist Abdullah Tamaa and accordion player Ruslan Maximovski, a Syrian-Ukrainian band is coming together.

The Heimat X initiative has been bringing together refugee artists and artists from Münsterland in a series of events since 2015. The result is exhibitions, readings and artistic workshops for children, young people and adults of all nations and cultures throughout the region. The Heimat X Band is part of the Heimat:Kunde project.

Dancing couple of the group Heimat X Tanz Dancing couple of the group Heimat X Tanz
© Marius Kochsiek
Heimat X Tanz

From Albanian folk dance to salsa and merenge to modern dance and improvisational dance: on 21 May, dance teachers Madona Shaqiri and Endrit Teco from Heimat X will show how diverse movement can be. In short flash mobs, they will give dance insights into their careers and bring dance to the people in a mobile way.

Bringing together artists from different nations: That is the goal of the Heimat X initiative. The result is exhibitions, readings and artistic workshops throughout the region. Since last year, the focus has been on empty shop windows and abandoned buildings. The whole thing runs under the project Heimat:Kunde.

Performances at "Ein Kessel Buntes": three times throughout the evening

Illustren round at the Mühlenhof in Münster Illustren round at the Mühlenhof in Münster
© Illustre Runde
Illustrious round

During "Ein Kessel Buntes" and also during two of the four rallies, members of the Illustren Runde will be present to illustrate the event live and to exhibit their works directly at the event. Clipboards, pens and paper will be available for anyone who wants to record their own colourful impressions. Those who wish can then simply hang their own works to the growing exhibition.

The Illustre Runde is a network of about 15 live illustrators who combine their individual styles to make the world (but especially events) a little more beautiful. They sketch concerts, conferences, weddings and much more live on location and have been part of the Münsterland Festival, PIANEO Festival and the RESET*Landpartie, among others.

Performance at "Ein Kessel Buntes": the whole evening

The NO Horn: a play by the Crocodile Theatre The NO Horn: a play by the Crocodile Theatre
© Fritz Schwarzenberger
Crocodile Theatre

The Crocodile Theatre presents: Das NEINhorn based on the book by Marc-Uwe Kling. A modern fairy tale about four fundamentally sympathetic system-busters, peppered with the author's wonderful wordplay. Young and old follow the exciting story of a little unicorn in search of its destiny. How it becomes a NO-horn and which friends it finds on its way - that's what the audience learns in the 60-minute play.

The Krokodil Theatre in Tecklenburg was founded in 1987 by Hendrikje Winter and Max Schaetzke. The productions for children, young people and adults focus on puppetry, but are also accompanied by music, drama and visual arts.

Performance at "Ein Kessel Buntes": 7.15 p.m.

Inflatable biogas plant Inflatable biogas plant
© Stefan Demming
Luurn bi de Buern

Art and agriculture - do they go together? Yes! Stefan Demming proves it with his project LUURN BI DE BUERN. At "Ein Kessel Buntes" he shows excerpts from his personal harvest for the project: agricultural paintings in various formats as well as blown-up maize and biogas plant sculptures.

LUURN BI DE BUERN - that's Sandplatt and means something like "Lurking with the farmers" in High German. Under this motto, Demming organised events with contemporary art, music and discussions around the theme of agriculture on various modern and historic farms in Münsterland between 2014 and 2016. The outdoor installation with inflatable maize and sunflowers resulted in Germany's first inflatable biogas plant.

Performance at "EIn Kessel Buntes": to be seen the whole evening

Michael Sondermeyer on stage Michael Sondermeyer on stage
© Michael Sondermeyer
Michael Sondermeyer - Magic Theatre

The magician Michael Sondermeyer offers magical entertainment at its best. Peppered with wordplay and situation comedy, his programme is thoroughly interspersed with cabaret-like elements. On the grounds of the Mühlenhof, he enchants the audience as a walking act.

Michael Sondermeyer is part of the RKP-supported project KulTour on the SteverLandRoute. The cultural cycle tour is a cooperation project of six municipalities and presents the cultural diversity of the region around the central theme of water. Along the Stever, participants experience music, poetry, drama, magic and light and sound installations on islands, boats or directly on the banks.

Performances at "Ein Kessel Buntes": three times throughout the evening

The four superheroines in action The four superheroines in action
© Mario Soose/MNEME kollektiv
MNEME kollektiv

The MNEME kollektiv presents the interactive dance theatre performance TURBOGIGAMANIPOWERISTISCH for guests aged seven and over: four superheroines set off in search of new superpowers - and things get turbulent, because it is sometimes not so easy to assess one's own powers.

The 45-minute performance is followed by an equally long movement workshop in which the children explore their own individual strengths based on the story of the superheroines.

Performance at "Ein KEssel Buntes": 6.15 p.m.

Region Clerk Neïtah Janzing Region Clerk Neïtah Janzing
© Manuel Löhring
Neïtah Janzing

Since the end of 2019, Neïtah Janzing has been leading Letters_Projects, a series of workshops in which participants are invited to write a letter to a person they don't know. In Münsterland, she is developing the project further by making special postcards of the region and sending her impressions in a few words to unknown people. At the anniversary event "Ein Kessel Buntes" she will present her work and also invites visitors to write a postcard themselves to a person they do not know or to leave their address. The postcards will then be sent out in the following days.

Performance at "Ein Kessel Buntes": 7.30 p.m.

Paste-up on a building Paste-up on a building
© Paste Up History!
Paste Up History!

Paste Up History! is a participatory street art project. At the Mühlenhof, a paste-up will be on display on one of the historical buildings.

The paste-ups take up individual stories and visualise them, bringing together the visible and the invisible. They span an arc from the past to the present and the future. They reflect on the everyday, take a new look at the familiar and invite us to take time for the known and unknown stories of the places and their inhabitants.

Performance at "Ein Kessel Buntes": to be seen the whole evening

PRESERCED // The Settlement 2018 - The Ox PRESERCED // The Settlement 2018 - The Ox
© Scheibe und Güntzel
Scheibe & Güntzel

Exclusively for "Ein Kessel Buntes": the Whitsun ox. The artist duo Scheibe & Güntzel will present a performance conceived especially for the event that deals with the Westphalian tradition of the "Whitsun Ox". The duo, whose artistic practice always interprets folkloric themes in a contemporary way, will address aspects of the adornment of the ox.

Hamburg-based Jan Philip Scheibe and Swaantje Güntzel launched the PRESERVED project series in 2009. The aim of the project is to use the means of art to illustrate how the people of a particular region have fed on nature over the centuries and what of this knowledge is still tangible today. Her current projects are "PRESERVED // Kale / Gravenhorst Monastery" and "PRESERVED // Altland - Neuland [Vegetable Shooting]".

Performance at "Ein Kessel Buntes": 7.30 p.m.

Self-made solar bird Self-made solar bird
Build your own solar birds with SOUNDSEEING

In this workshop, children from the age of 8 can build a small solar bird robot from a handful of electronic components and various craft and found materials. These start chirping quietly in daylight. The finished birds can of course be taken home! No previous electronic knowledge is necessary. Younger children may participate with their parents. The cost of materials is 5 €.

The handicraft workshop is organised by "SOUNDSEEING". Unusual sounds at cultural venues in Münster: this has been the hallmark of the nationwide unique sound art series "SOUNDSEEING" for more than 12 years. From Rheine to Münster and from Hörstel to Bocholt, high-calibre sound art can be heard at authentic locations in all districts of Münsterland and the city of Münster.

Start of the Workshop: 7.15 p.m.

UniJAZZity UniJAZZity
© Melanie Henning

Dynamic, rousing and musically innovative: UniJAZZity, the Youth Jazz Orchestra of Westphalia, has made an excellent name for itself in the state's music scene. The young big band stands for varied and fast-paced jazz across the various jazz styles and eras - from the classic big band sound of the 1950s to Latin American rhythms and sensitive ballads.

Founded in 2009 as a children's jazz orchestra, the ensemble based at the Haus Nottbeck cultural estate in Oelde has developed into an extraordinary body of sound under the artistic direction of jazz trumpeter Christian Kappe. After winning several awards at the NRW state competition "Jugend jazzt", UniJAZZity received one of the most coveted music prizes in NRW with the WDR Jazzpreis 2016.

Performance at "Ein Kessel Buntes": 8.15 p.m.