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The Aasee in Münster
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By bus to the wild Münster
Rally District Borken

Adventurous adventure tour from the district of Borken

RESET*Landpartie - Aasee Safari

The last time the RESET e.V. cultural experience tour went on the road in 2019 was together with the Münsterland Festival. And because that was so long ago, the anticipation for the special trip on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Regional Culture Programme NRW (RKP for short) is particularly great, where it will be the other way round: The bus will not travel from Münster out into the countryside, but invites you to board the bus in the artists' village of Schöppingen to discover the wild Münster from there and perhaps experience a few surprises.

The RESET*Landpartie was already a guest in the artists' village in 2016 and, after a welcome at 2 pm, would like to take a short tour to find out which scholarship holders are currently guests with their projects and what the idea behind the current RKP project "Lebensraum Künstlerdorf - Von der Natur lernen" is.

Afterwards, at 3 p.m., the bus will set off in the direction of the legendary cathedral and take the tour group from the security of civilisation in Schöppingen into the deep jungle on Sentruper Straße. There, at around 4 pm, the Aasee Safari will start on foot, fighting its way through the dreaded Robber Forest. Or will it be more of a relaxed walk through the forest? Let yourself be surprised! During the safari, some cultural appetisers await you before the group then arrives at the grounds of the Mühlenhof at 6 pm. At around 10 pm, the bus will take all the adventurers back to Schöppingen.

The combined ticket for the rally including admission to the Mühlenhof event costs 15 € (reduced rate 8 €).

Rally Kreis Borken Schedule

2 p.m.: Welcome at Künstlerdorf Schöppingen
3 p.m.: Start of the bus tour towards Münster
4 p.m.: Arrival at Aasee and start of the Aasee Safari
6 p.m.: Arrival at Mühlenhof
6 p.m. - 10 p.m.: Cultural festival Ein Kessel Buntes on the grounds of Mühlenhof
10 p.m.: Bus shuttle back to Schöppingen

After the end of the programme at the Mühlenhof at 10 p.m., free shuttle buses will be available to take participants back to their starting point. Participants are responsible for their own catering during the rally.

The evening programme at the Mühlenhof

The rallies