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Mission White Flamingo as a guest at DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst
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Presenting hidden cultural venues in Münsterland and getting to know the people who do everything for art and culture in the region - that's the idea behind the podcast "Mission White Flamingo". Producer Anna-Ida Almus, an FSJ student at the Münsterland Cultural Office, travels through the region and looks at what's going on in front of, but above all behind the scenes of the cultural institutions. She talks to cultural workers, artists and the creative minds of Münsterland.

The podcast always deals with the question of how culture is set up and functions, especially in rural areas, and what makes it so special. The idea behind the title "Mission White Flamingo" is to focus on rare and surprising cultural places that even locals haven't heard or seen much about.

As an artistic oasis in an industrial area, the Kulturquartier Münster combines music with ecology and social development. Why these themes and free, independent artistic work are so important to them is what the four partners Thomas Grollmus, Beatrix Pluta, Audrey Guttierez and Thomas Schauder tell us in the new episode of Mission Weißer Flamingo. And as a little extra, you can expect an acoustic sample from the Bratsche-Handpan-Mandoline trio "Klimaschoner". Have fun!

Episode 11: Draiflessen Collection

This time, the Flamingo goes to the north of Münsterland. Having arrived in Mettingen, he reports in the eleventh episode on the Draiflessen Collection, an internationally networked art museum. Dr. Corinna Otto, director of the museum, and Olesja Nein, curator of the Collection, explain in an interview why it is located in rural Mettingen, why there will soon be a break in the programme and what distinguishes the museum from other exhibition houses.

So how about a half-hour excursion into the history and work of the Draiflessen Collection and a short trip behind the scenes of the current photography special exhibition "Made Realities"?

Episode 10: Pasture pictures

On the pasture, in the stable, in the laboratory or on the plate? Our interaction with animals has always been ambivalent. In the project "Weidebilder" (Pasture Pictures), artists and scientists from Münster University of the Arts critically examine the human-animal relationship together. In the new podcast episode "Mission White Flamingo", archaeologist Dr. Valeska Becker and artist Martina Lückener talk about the exchange between art and science and about Münsterland as an ambivalent animal country. What do 52 oil paintings of Sunday roasts and chimera hybrids have to do with this? Tune in now and listen in!
For more information on the project, visit https://www.uni-muenster.de/AFO/projekte/Bioinspiration/weidebilder/

Episode 9: Third Places in Münsterland

Attend events, get creative yourself, drink coffee, spend time together or alone - all this is possible at a Third Place. Five new Third Places with very different approaches are currently being created in Münsterland, all funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW. For the White Flamingo, Anna-Ida Almus spoke with the founders of the "ARTandTECH.space" in Rheine and the "3rd Place Borken" about the connection between art and technology, participatory-creative urban development and much more.

Episode 8: Münster City Ensemble

Tired of video meetings and online offerings? How a personal and analogue cultural moment is possible despite the current Corona situation is revealed by the Stadtensemble Münster in the new episode of Mission Weißer Flamingo. Podcast host Anna-Ida Almus talks to Cornelia Kupferschmid and Carola von Seckendorff about the origins of the Stadtensemble, its values, democratic art and what is behind a "system relevance walk". Another reason to tune in: All those who are still looking for an analogue birthday venture or - if the next online conference cannot be avoided - a digital art contribution should find what they are looking for in these 22 minutes!

Episode 7: rock'n'popmuseum Gronau

Finally, spend a comfortable afternoon on the couch with rock legend Eddie Van Halen! Not possible? Yes, you can: the rock'n'popmuseum Gronau has come up with something special and translated its exhibition on the exceptional guitarist into the virtual world. In the new podcast episode, curator Dr Thomas Mania tells us how exactly such a "translation" works and why he still doesn't want to get used to virtual exhibitions permanently.

Episode 6: Christmas Special

Things get cosy in the Christmas episode of the White Flamingo! Just in time for the fourth Advent, podcaster Anna-Ida Almus goes in search of stories and fairytales from Münsterland. You can expect a sample of the travelling theatre"Theater ex libris" and a text by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff on the Christmas hustle and bustle at the castle of the same name, read by the reading citizens of the Center for Literature. As a pre-Christmas encore, presenter and entertainer Harry Wijnvoord will whisk you away to a well-known Grimm fairy tale from the region. Which one? That, of course, will not be revealed yet. So put the tea on the teapot, the biscuits on the plate and listen in to the new episode of "Mission Christmas Flamingo". Correction: "Mission White Flamingo".

Tone of bells: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdciinDyJas via http://www.youtube.com/user/mainhaupt

Episode 5: Wettringen Artists' Association

The Wettringen Artists' Community (KGW) has found a very special place to live together and work individually: a former church! In the fifth episode of the podcast "Mission White Flamingo", the artists talk about the partly creepy history of the house and explain why community is important, especially in Corona times. And you can find out exactly what living together in an artist community looks like behind the scenes.

Episode 4: Haus Nottbeck as a cultural asset

What is science fiction doing in Westphalia? How can literature be exhibited in an exciting way? And how can a cultural centre offer a creative programme despite the Corona pandemic? These and other questions are explored in the new episode of the culture podcast "Mission Weißer Flamingo" at Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck - Museum für westfälische Literatur . And mini readings by Thorsten Nagelschmidt and Sarah Marie Meinert are included for free.

Please note: The recording and production of this podcast episode took place before the current restrictions imposed by the federal and state governments. Please contact the Haus Nottbeck cultural estate directly to find out whether and in what form a visit is possible.

Episode 3: kult in Vreden

The podcast "Mission White Flaminog" is on the road this month on the German-Dutch border. As guests at the kult , the director of the house, Corinna Endlich, and Rock McSock show you what goes on behind the scenes at the cultural house in Vreden. Kerstin Hemker from the German-Zimbabwean Society also explains the significance of the new special exhibition at the kult.

Episode 2: Senden Castle

In the second episode, the "Mission White Flamingo" lands at Senden Castle. Dr Lennart Pieper from Schloss Senden e.V. gives an insight into the eventful history of the place and thus into the world of monument restoration. In this episode, you can find out what role over 30 typewriters play, why vegetable beer is brewed in the garden in front of the castle and what a creepy cabinet has to do with the castle in 2036.

Episode 1: DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst

In the first episode, everything revolves around the north of Münsterland. More precisely, about the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, which is located near Hörstel in the district of Steinfurt. The former Cistercian convent has now been showing art for young and old in a rather unusual place for more than 15 years. But what does a convent have to do with art? Why is the Kunsthaus actually called "DA"? What is a project scholarship and why is it worth travelling all the way to Hörstel? Berit Gerd Andersen, director of the house, and four artists of the Saisonale 2020 answer all these questions and thus give an insight into life at the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst.

Interview with the podcast maker

How did the podcast come about, who is the creator Anna-Ida Almus and what does the flamingo have to do with culture? In an interview to launch the podcast series, Anna-Ida reveals more about her motivation, the technical equipment and how to approach a project that has to reinvent itself again and again in Corona times.


The podcast "Mission Weißer Flamingo" is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the programme"land.schafft - Funding for Cultural Volunteer Projects in Rural Areas" of the Federal Association for Cultural Education for Children and Young People.

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