Kulturcamp Münsterland 2021 | "We are the future?!"
Cultural Camp Münsterland 2021
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"We are the future?!"

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Statements, impressions, criticism of the young participants

If you want to talk about tomorrow today, you should talk to the designers of tomorrow today - and not just about them. Jolie Drath, Corinna Koselleck, Julia Pistler and Jonas Remke invite you to this dialogue at the online campfire. They are all currently completing their Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) in Culture and would like to share their impressions: Impressions from "their" reality of life and their experience of opportunities and tasks in the local cultural scene. And they would like to engage in an exchange: What is on the minds of the cultural workers in Münsterland, what do they think about the impressions of the FSJers? The aim is not to further reinforce prejudices between generations and to pursue new or old conflicts. Instead, the participation of young adults in culture should be discussed openly, honestly, but also critically. After all, the question is: Are we together the future?

Online campfire | 2.25 - 3.25 p.m.

Moderation and input: Jolie Drath(Münsterland Cultural Office), Corinna Koselleck(Villa ten Hompel History Site), Julia Pistler(Life House Stemwede), Jonas Remke(Münster City Library)