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Successfully communicating cultural offerings.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 | 09.00 - 15.30 hrs

Kreativ-Haus Münster, Diepenbrockstraße 28, Münster

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Are you asking yourself how you can make your communication even more effective or are you looking for new instruments to address your target group in a more targeted way? This seminar provides valuable suggestions for improving the image and awareness of your artistic or cultural work. Starting with questions of internal and external communication, through the basics of strategy conception to concrete implementation and execution sketches, we will dedicate ourselves to the success of your communication.

In cooperation with the FreiwilligenAgentur Münster and the Kreativ-Haus e.V.

The event is already fully booked. However, you have the possibility to be put on the waiting list. This is only possible via Kreativ-Haus Münster: Nathalie Nehues
Phone 02 51. 89 90 09 -30, nehues@kreativ-haus.de


Kreativ-Haus Münster, Diepenbrockstraße 28, Münster




45,- € incl. conference drinks & lunch snack

Speaker: Pia Tovar


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