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Information. Exchange. Networking.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 | 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

GBS Cultural Centre, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3-5, Greven

The event is fully booked. We can put you on the waiting list so that you can move up if another participant cancels. Please write a short mail with your workshop request to kulturakademie@muensterland.com

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Arts education is more important than ever. But what are we actually talking about when we talk about cultural education? What makes it so valuable? What framework conditions are needed to be able to guarantee quality in the long term? And what role does cultural education play in Münsterland? The day will explore these and other questions in lectures, workshops and discussions. The event is aimed equally at cultural and youth institutions, artists, schools and representatives of municipalities and districts. The different needs and requirements of the actors will be explicitly taken into account at the event. At the same time, there will be enough space for exchange and networking.

You can find the flyer for the event here.


Workshop 1 - Cultural institutions:
Art and cultural institutions enable children and young people to have diverse encounters with art and culture. This workshop focuses on outreach work and cooperation with youth institutions and schools.

Britta Lauro, Pablo Picasso Art Museum Münster
Carola Paulmichl, Public Library Beckum

Facilitated by:
Brigitte Schorn, Arbeitsstelle Kulturelle Bildung NRW (Office of Cultural Education NRW)

Workshop 2 - Youth facilities:
Child and youth work offers "open laboratories" for youth cultures and self-determined, artistic-cultural experimentation. The number of youth leisure facilities that are developing a cultural profile is growing steadily. This workshop shows possible ways to achieve this and provides information on specialised structures of cultural youth work in NRW.

Herbert Börger, Sarah Kassan, Youth Cultural Centre CULTRA, Brühl
Steffen Ruwe, Youth Cultural Centre Scheune and
Alwina Koop, Youth Art School Pink Pop e.V.

Moderated by:
Joanna Wrzosek, Arbeitsstelle Kulturelle Bildung NRW (Office of Cultural Education NRW)

Workshop 3 - Artists:
Numerous artists communicate their art to children and young people in an age-appropriate way and thus consciously take on new tasks. The workshop provides impulses for further cooperation, shows possibilities for networking with other actors in cultural education and offers space for collegial exchange.

Martina Lückener, visual artist, Ostbevern/Münster
Manfred Webel, visual artist, Paderborn

Andre Sebastian, Münsterland Cultural Office

Workshop 4 - Municipalities and districts:
More and more municipalities and districts in NRW are embarking on the
path towards a municipal overall concept for cultural
education. This workshop deals with basic issues, possible
approaches and shows various examples.

Sarah Maria Braun, Arbeitsstelle Kulturelle Bildung NRW
Sonja Baumhauer, City of Monheim am Rhein

Lars Krolik, Kulturbüro Münsterland

This workshop is already fully booked. We can put you on the waiting list so that you can move up if another participant cancels. Or you can choose another free workshop.

Workshop 5 - Schools:
Cooperation with cultural partners offers schools a variety of opportunities for their educational work. By opening up schools to the local educational landscape, pupils can open up creative ways of learning. The workshop shows examples and ways of structurally anchoring cultural education offers.

Gisela Wibbing, Arbeitsstelle Kulturelle Bildung NRW
Agnes Riedemann, Gesamtschule Hörstel and
Berit Gerd Andersen, DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst

Andrea Wegener, Arbeitsstelle Kulturelle Bildung NRW

This workshop is already fully booked. We can put you on the waiting list so that you can move up if another participant cancels. Or you can opt for another free workshop.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to visit three of the following theme tables under the heading "From the idea to implementation":

  • Arbeitsstelle Kulturelle Bildung NRW, Brigitte Schorn
  • Bildungspartner NRW, Christiane Bröckling and Anja Warnkross
  • create music, Hendrik Stratmann and Maximilian Zindel
  • State Working Group on Art and Media, Fleur Vogel
  • State Working Group on Dance, Nilüfer Kemper
  • State Working Group Circus Education, Uschi Tepaße
  • Culture Makes You Strong, Service Agency NRW, Kathrin Volkmer

Target group:

The symposium is aimed at representatives from municipalities and districts, cultural institutions, schools, youth institutions and artists as well as all those interested in the topic.

Keynote speech: Prof. Dr. Max Fuchs

Moderation: Nathalie Nehues


Cultural Centre GBS, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3-5, Greven




Free of charge (catering included)


Andre Sebastian
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Andre Sebastian
Head of Münsterland Cultural Office
Art & Culture Foundation
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Cultural Academy

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Flyer for the Cultural Education Day in Münsterland