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Designing accessibility - start with a plan, continue in a structured way

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Do you want to enable as many people with disabilities as possible - actors as well as guests or the public - to participate in art and culture? Whether in the theatre, museum, cinema or at concert events? But how to proceed in view of the large number of disabilities and limited financial and human resources?
The workshop imparted knowledge about structured procedures and gave tips for concrete implementation.

Wednesday, 01.06.2022 | 10.30 - 17 hrs

Place: N.N.

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Target group

The event was aimed both at the people who conceive, prepare and carry out art and cultural events and at people who are on stage and produce art themselves. No matter whether with or without a disability.

Lisette Reuter
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Annette Ziegert
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Annette Ziegert is a research assistant at kubia - Competence Centre for Cultural Education in Old Age and Inclusion. kubia sees itself as a service platform and expert forum for all those who facilitate cultural education and participation of older people and people with disabilities. In this context, kubia not only provides information about its own projects, publications and further training offers, but also offers up-to-date information about activities, events and invitations to tender in Germany and abroad, references to literature, interesting websites and players in the field of cultural education in old age and inclusive cultural work.


Participation was free of charge, but registration was required.

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