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Everything is "sustainable" these days: food, textiles, travel, etc. But what about cultural institutions and cultural events? How are the issues of sustainability and future viability addressed here? What can cultural institutions contribute to sustainable development?

In the workshop, the conceptual background and practical challenges on the way to sustainable development were first clarified in order to then develop approaches and measures for their own field of work with the help of concrete instruments.
The 17 sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations as an international guiding principle served as an orientation framework for this and were used to address specific challenges in the cultural sector. The aim of the seminar was to develop concrete initial ideas and measures for one's own working environment that can be implemented immediately.

Monday, 19 September 2022 | 10:00 - 17:00 hrs

Transformer station, Schlaunstraße 15, Münster

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Target group

The event was aimed at all actors in the cultural sector who want to deal with sustainability in their daily practice and develop first steps for their own actions.

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Speaker Annett Baumast
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Annett Baumast is the owner and managing director of baumast. kultur & nachhaltigkeit in Hamburg and has been working independently since 2009 as an expert, project manager, lecturer and author at the interface between culture and sustainability, especially for companies and organisations from the education and cultural sectors. She gives lectures, seminars and workshops and publishes on the topic. She works with cultural institutions of different genres and sizes and has already collaborated with the Zurich Opera House, the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, the Stapferhaus Lenzburg, the international theatre network mitos21 and various cultural offices in Germany, among others. Annett Baumast is an economist and literary scholar by training and has been dealing with the issues of sustainability and sustainable development in various positions for more than 25 years.
annett.baumast@kultur-nachhaltig.de | kultur-nachhaltig.de


35 euros (incl. conference drinks + lunch snack)

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