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Regional cultural policy
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Funding Programme Regional Cultural Policy

Funding Programme Regional Cultural Policy

The "Regional Cultural Policy" (RKP) funding programme is a programme of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The state government uses it to support cultural projects in all ten cultural regions of NRW in order to strengthen the profile and identity of the regions.

Aims of the programme:

  • Strengthen the attractiveness and identity of the region both internally and externally
  • to promote culture at its best and in its broadest sense
  • to ensure cultural participation
  • increase the external perception of art and culture in the regions
  • develop and strengthen cooperation models with other sectors (e.g. youth work, business, urban development or tourism)

The basis for funding projects with this programme is the "Cultural Mission Statement" of a region. It shows the strengths and characteristics of a region and is an orientation and signpost for the further profiling of a cultural region.
You can find out more about the Münsterland's mission statement here.

Application deadline

The application deadline for project ideas for 2022 is 30 September 2021.

Promotion criteria

If you want to apply for RKP funding with your cultural project, it should meet these criteria:

  • Cooperation and networking: At least three partners from at least two cities / municipalities develop a project and implement it together.
  • All project partners participate equally in the development of the content of the project.
  • Marketing measures must be a recognisable part of the project. Each partner participates in the marketing measures for the project.
  • Other partners are welcome to contribute resources to the implementation of the project.
  • When promoting a network, the requirements for the quality of cooperation are particularly high.
  • There must be a regional reference, which is usually established through the guiding themes of the respective region (Münsterland model).
  • Preference will be given to cooperation projects with a particularly high artistic or cultural quality and an innovative character.

These criteria apply throughout the state. We would be happy to explain the individual points in a personal conversation.

With the RKP funding programme, you can receive a maximum of 50% of the total costs.

What do I have to do? From the idea to the cheque

Advice from the Cultural Office

You have an idea for a regional project? Let us advise you!
Tell us about your idea - sometimes we can help you with just a short phone call and quickly assess whether your idea fits the RKP funding programme. We will then be happy to arrange a consultation appointment. Your project idea does not have to be ready for application at this point. We will be happy to point you to (other) possible cooperation partners. Please note: at least one consultation must be made in good time before submitting an application. The application deadline is 30 September each year.

Until 30 September: Submit project data sheet

Here you will find the project data sheet, which must be submitted by 30 September each year. You have the option of submitting the project data sheet as an interim status. This way you can continue to work on the content until the final submission. Again, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Beginning of November: The Cultural Council consults

Have you submitted the final project data sheet? Then it's time to wait and see. The regional committee, the Kulturrat Münsterland, will discuss the submitted projects in its meeting (end of October/beginning of November) and make its funding recommendations.

Mid-November: Notification of funding recommendation

In mid-November, we will inform you by email whether a funding recommendation has been made for your project. If yes, you will receive the form for the so-called "application for funding" with our email.

Until 30 November: Submit funding application

The application for funding must be submitted to the Münster District Government by 30 November. You can use the information from the project data sheet that you submitted. If necessary, further information can be added.

End of the year: The Ministry decides

The Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia makes the final decision on all project applications submitted.

Adoption of the national budget

As soon as the state of NRW has deliberated on revenues and expenditures for the coming year, it releases the so-called budget and allocates the financial resources to the respective district governments.

Beginning of the following year

You receive a notification of funding from the Münster district government. Now you can get started with your project.

Your project runs

Have you started your project? Then we would be happy if you kept us up to date. We will be happy to promote your project through our channels and remain your contact if you have any questions about funding.

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Funded projects

Brochure on the RKP funding programme

Download | Sponsor logos in various formats

The logo of the Ministry of Culture and Science, the logo for the Regional Cultural Policy funding programme and the logo for the Münsterland Cultural Region are available for download as a zip logo package. If you have any questions about the use of the logos, please contact us.

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