Kulturbüro Münsterland - The Cultural Mission Statement

Münsterland Cultural Model

The Münsterland cultural mission statement sums up the strengths and characteristics of our region. It serves as a guideline, orientation aid and stimulus for cultural actors and their projects. It is particularly important when applying for funding from the Regional Cultural Policy programme, as it has formed the basis for funding projects since 2011.

Cultural Region Münsterland - a Region with Potentials

The Münsterland is a cultural region that has grown historically since the Middle Ages. It can also draw on a history of almost seven hundred years as an independent state. Its identity, framed in its self-image, is based on this historical continuity and is shared in the consciousness of the population - whereby the historical borders have largely endured as administrative boundaries up to the present day.

The Münsterland is a dynamic region in the area of tension between tradition and modernity, city and country, down-to-earthness and innovative strength, regional awareness and international orientation. These areas of tension also shape the culture of the region.

Projects within the framework of the Regional Cultural Policy (RKP) should include these areas of tension and the potentials of the region described below in the conception of their projects. This results in "playing fields" of new ideas that ensure that the projects are rooted in and with the region.


Potential: Indoor and outdoor spaces

The Münsterland is characterised by its characteristic landscape, by gardens and parks, by architecturally remarkable, often historic buildings and town centres. As bearers of history and stories, they refer to a special, eventful past and bear witness to a lively present. Many places are already known and culturally established - but many have yet to be rediscovered or rediscovered. The places are to be included in the artistic process, and their history and uniqueness are to be the impulse for artistic explorations.

The places are connected by a wide variety of routes - federal and waterways, pilgrimage and smuggling routes, cycle and bridle paths - which open up the landscape and make it possible to experience it, but which can also become the site of art projects themselves.

Potential: Established institutions

Cultural work in Münsterland is based on numerous already established institutions that are outstanding in their field. With its density of museums, art associations, concert halls and theatres, this cultural landscape is also impressive in a supra-regional comparison.

In addition to the creation of cultural programmes, training and further education as well as the promotion of professional artists and cultural workers play an important role in Münsterland. The classical educational institutions such as university, technical colleges, art academies or music academies are complemented by nationally known scholarship programmes and artist residencies.

As project sponsors, these institutions make indispensable contributions to the diverse cultural offerings in Münsterland. As project partners, they contribute their respective potential and expertise to regional and supra-regional cooperation projects.

Potential: Field of innovation

The Münsterland stands for traditions, economic stability and firm orientations. However, it is also a field of innovation for business, science and culture. For example, Münsterland has developed into one of the most innovative textile technology locations in Germany. Other economic sectors, such as mechanical and plant engineering, the food industry and the health industry, also represent central clusters in the region.

As an excellent location for education and science, Münsterland also stands for scientific thinking off the beaten track. In the field of research and teaching, Münsterland has a high density of scientific "laboratories" that enjoy international renown. This field of innovation holds great thematic and structural potential for cooperation and artistic debate.

Action profile "New event fields

The specific regional potentials of Münsterland are to be reflected and interpreted through cooperative art and cultural projects of all disciplines. In this way, new event fields are created that make the region even more than before a place of discovery and a laboratory of contemporary art.

New event fields offer space for unforeseen, exciting artistic developments, for experiments, for inspiring exchanges between artists and audiences, professionals and amateurs, newcomers and well-known names.

Innovative art projects enter into creative cooperations with business and research, real and virtual works or media projects take up current technological developments and confront the image of an innovative Münsterland.

Established institutions are shown from an unusual perspective, undiscovered or inconspicuous places are artistically brought to consciousness with their specific peculiarity - good and surprising art projects remain in the memory as a lasting experience. Cross-border, international cooperations give exciting impulses to local culture and broaden horizons.

New event fields are not necessarily bound to a fixed location. They are "open mind spaces", projects with an interregional and international character that challenge the creativity and improvisational ability of artists and audiences. New event fields do not have to reinvent art every day; traditions are also worthy of current artistic questioning - but the always same, tried and tested and expected is of less interest in the sense of this mission statement. New event fields create free spaces within and outside the usual cultural establishment and stimulating opportunities for communication about good and exciting art in Münsterland.

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