Life in Münsterland: Lots of community
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THE GOOD LIFE in Münsterland

Life in the Münsterland

Münsterland has a claim: MÜNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE. Why? Because it's true. Here, between city and country, you can shape your own life and have every opportunity to do so. Around 1.6 million people from Münsterland give you a warm welcome. Münsterland is not only great for families. It also has a lot to offer in terms of culture and leisure. The people here attach great importance to nature and the environment. They like to be out and about by bike or on horseback, appreciate regional food and always have new ideas with regard to climate, species and nature protection. A recent study showed how satisfied the locals are in the Münsterland: 96 percent think it is a good place to live.

Service for newcomers and returning visitors

Are you new to Münsterland or can you imagine moving to the region? Then you probably have a lot of questions about life here:

  • What kind of mentality can I expect?
  • What about the cultural and recreational opportunities?
  • How and where can I quickly get to know people?
  • Which school is the right one for my child?
  • Where can I find childcare?

We have the answers to your questions! Either with the content here on the website or personally with the free Onboarding@Münsterland service. It will make it easier for you and your family to arrive in Münsterland. Because choosing a job is always a decision about where to live.

Münsterland is home. We look forward to welcoming you and your family!

What makes the Münsterlanders tick?

Many Münsterlanders are deeply rooted in their region. This was the result of a recent study in which the locals gave their region high approval ratings. They care for, maintain and shape their homeland with a lot of heart. In contrast to other regions, the number of inhabitants in Münsterland will therefore remain constant until 2030.

Admittedly: The native Münsterlanders rarely stand out as chatterboxes. They think before they speak, act in a considered manner, have a mind of their own and like to take things into their own hands.

Whether in the city or in the country, Münsterlanders like to party . They cultivate common interests in clubs and at events. Whether it's a shooting match in summer, indoor picnics in winter, sports club activities, festivals, city festivals and much more - Münsterlanders love socialising, their clubs and their neighbourhood. Because that's what home means. And with their down-to-earth hospitality, the Münsterlanders have already won over many a newcomer.

Conquering the hearts of Münsterlanders and making friends can sometimes be a hard job. But it pays to keep at it! Persistence, tackling things and taking part pay off in the end. And maybe you'll even make new friends for life.

Münsterlanden: Newcomers and returnees tell their stories

We also asked some newcomers and returnees what makes Münsterland and the Münsterländer special for them. What is life in the Münsterland really like? Why did others return or why did newcomers decide to work, live and reside in Münsterland? Read their stories here.

Münsterlanden: Arriving in Münsterland Münsterlanden: Arriving in Münsterland
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Portrait of New Münsterlanders
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Meet new people

For newcomers or returnees, we offer welcome events as part of the Onboarding@Münsterland service to get to know other newcomers in a relaxed atmosphere. These events take place at exciting locations in Münster and Münsterland and offer an ideal platform for networking. Be there and find out here when and where the next welcome event is taking place.

Münsterland offers a wide range of events. You're spoilt for choice here too. Experience great concerts, festivals, musicals, exhibitions, city festivals, Christmas markets and much more together. The Münsterland calendar of events is full to bursting all year round.

Since Münsterlanders love their clubs, be it sports, music, carnival or shooting clubs, membership is ideal for making contacts. But you should also put out some feelers in the social media.

Family-friendly Münsterland

The regional claim "MÜNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE" is of course also experienced by families in Münsterland. In everyday life, you are supported by a good childcare situation with a particularly high childcare rate and a wide range of educational opportunities. In the countryside, you live safely and close to nature, but you can also get to the city quickly - and vice versa, of course.

And in your free time, you and your family have every opportunity to discover the region. On excursions in the countryside, visits to zoos and museums or cycling through the beautiful parkland. Picnics are also very popular with families in Münsterland: delicious food and plenty of space for the children in the green surroundings. What more do you want?

Leisure facilities and cultural activities

It never gets boring in Münsterland! Because the inhabitants themselves love to go on excursions, be outdoors and enjoy a wide range of cultural activities, which has surprised many a non-Münsterlander.

On the road in Münsterland by bike and train On the road in Münsterland by bike and train
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Mobile through the Münsterland

Let's go through Münsterland! Whether by bus, train, car, bike or on foot - use the mobility mix and go on a discovery tour! For example, on the approximately 4500 kilometres of cycle paths. Or with the diverse bus and train services in all directions. And exciting offers such as bike and car sharing or local transport on demand show you that the Münsterland has long been thinking ahead when it comes to mobility.

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Nature and sustainability

Most people from Münsterland prefer to be outside - in the midst of nature, among flowers, fields and forests. They value their environment and pay attention to a sustainable lifestyle. In many places, electricity is produced from renewable energy, and many also consciously choose products from the region. Because these are not only good for the climate, but also incredibly tasty!

Healthy in the Münsterland

Exercise in the fresh air
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The people in Münsterland are satisfied with the local health care - in the city as well as in the countryside. And this is true even in times of crisis. This is the result of a survey in which more than 600 people were questioned. Regardless of whether they are looking for pharmacies, general practitioners or specialists: The approval ratings are high.

The region has a total of more than 30 hospitals and clinics spread throughout Münsterland. In addition, there are numerous local doctors.

Learn more about health care in Münsterland ...

Our Onboarding@Münsterland service

You want to know more about Münsterland? With the Onboarding@Münsterland service, we give you a feel for the region and advise you on all aspects of "Arriving in Münsterland". Whether on the phone, via Skype, in a café or at your employer's - we will advise you free of charge, individually and personally.

We look forward to hearing from you. Click here for more information about our counselling.

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