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Ann-Kathrin Rahe moved to Münsterland for her job as tourism manager.
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Ann-Kathrin Rahe: New start in Billerbeck

A new job, a new city, new colleagues and neighbours - and all this in the middle of the Corona pandemic. Many people would probably feel a bit queasy, but Ann-Kathrin Rahe takes the challenge calmly and looks ahead. This is probably also due to the fact that she has already travelled a lot: the 29-year-old has already lived in Austria, Canada and Asia. Now she has moved to Münsterland for her new job. And she is looking forward to getting to know many people here soon and thus becoming a little more familiar with the region.

Dream job in tourism management

She has already landed well in her new job. She has been working as a tourism manager for the city of Billerbeck since the beginning of 2021. It's a multifaceted job: she advises tourists and recommends hiking trails and cycling tours, city tours and other offers in the town. At the same time, she is in contact with the owners of holiday flats and hotels, with restaurateurs and with the other municipalities in the Baumberge to promote the town and the region together. This also includes working out new offers and further developing existing ones.

She prepared for her profession not only during her tourism management studies in Görlitz: She worked for Lüdinghausen Marketing for two years during the semester breaks and got to know and appreciate the Münsterland region. When she came across the job offer in Billerbeck after graduating, she didn't hesitate for long and sent off an application. One day after the interview, she got the acceptance letter and started packing for her move to her new home.

Finding a flat was a challenge

Finding a flat here was not so easy for the tourism expert. At first she stayed in a hotel, then temporarily in a holiday flat. Finally, she found what she was looking for via Ebay classifieds, but not directly in Billerbeck, but in the neighbouring town of Laer. She rides her e-bike a good 13 kilometres to work and back home every day. For Ann-Kathrin Rahe, this is a plus point: "I can enjoy nature on the way and start the day calmly in the morning," she says. "In the evening, I can switch off well after work."

Another plus: her flat is big enough for two. Her boyfriend, who is studying management in the health sector, wants to join her after he graduates. It wasn't hard to get him interested in Münsterland, Ann-Kathrin Rahe says: "We've often visited my parents, who live in the Osnabrück region. He likes it there, and the region is quite similar to Münsterland."

Enjoying the view on a hiking lounger in the Baumberge mountains

What does she herself like about Münsterland? She doesn't have to think long about that. "I like the mix of city and nature," she says. "You can take a quick tour into the countryside, but you're also quickly in a city. This networking is great." She has not yet been able to go on city trips in her first few months here. But she enjoyed nature to the fullest and was out and about on foot or by bike. The best thing about these tours: "The hiking loungers in the Baumberge," Ann-Kathrin Rahe enthuses. "From there you have a great, wide view over the region. Often you can even see the spires of the cathedral in Billerbeck."

There is also fresh inspiration for another passion in her new home: the tourism expert loves to cook and bake. She has just bought recipe books for Münsterland specialities and immediately tried out the first recipes: sauerbraten and sultana bread.

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