Estelle Beck moved to Münsterland with her husband and their dogs.

Estelle Beck: In love with the beauty of Münsterland

For Estelle Beck, it was love at first sight: The small streets and houses, the nature with its green meadows and forests, and of course the beautiful estate near Billerbeck, which she has called home since 2019: Estelle has taken Münsterland to her heart from day one. "The region is simply a beauty," thinks the native South African and new Münsterlander. A beauty that has become her new home.

From South Africa via Frankfurt to Münsterland

Estelle grew up in South Africa, her mother is German by birth, her father Austrian. But she was drawn to Europe at an early age. At 24, she went to Prague to study medicine. Later she worked as a doctor in Berlin and finally moved to Frankfurt to live with her husband. Every now and then, the two of them searched online for special properties, and then one day they made a lucky find: an estate near Billerbeck was for sale, in the middle of the countryside, full of history, only 20 minutes from Münster. "At the time, we were living with three dogs in the middle of the city in Frankfurt and had been dreaming of a place like this for a while," Estelle says. So they both didn't think twice, ready to leave everything behind in Frankfurt. They got in the car, drove off and fell in love with Billerbeck, the manor house and everything around it. A short time later they had a new home.

Home-grown vegetables, home-pressed apple juice

Since then, Estelle and her husband have been living on the estate near Billerbeck, along with their four dogs, which keep things lively in and around the manor house. They both work from home, and together they are developing an app for individual tops and flops to make it easier to discover suitable things. Here, Estelle has taken over the medical area. She also has another passion: her blog on cooking and baking. "This has become my hobby, the place here just inspires me so much," the 36-year-old enthuses. "My husband and I enjoy the space and freedom we have here. We really live it, from growing vegetables to picking apples. Just pressing our own apple juice is an experience for everyone every time."

Their families and friends are also so enthusiastic that they regularly come to visit, besides which they keep in touch via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and co. And Estelle has also quickly warmed up to the people in Münsterland. "Everyone is very warm," she says, and thanks to the previous owners of the estate, she and her husband quickly made friends.

A favourite place: The market in Münster

When Estelle longs for the city, she travels to Münster, not far away. There, she not only likes the cultural offerings and the shops, but the market is also one of her favourite places in Münsterland. "Life here is full of quality of life, with a lot of freedom, nature, you have everything you need." And yet, she says, there is always something surprising - deer drinking on their doorstep, a hidden castle in the middle of the greenery, snow in February turning the region into a winter wonderland.

Estelle has yet to warm up to only one characteristic of the Münsterlanders - "all the cycling," she says and laughs. "Cycling is not the norm in South Africa, I have to get used to the bicycle traffic." Nevertheless, she has already made a note of the most beautiful cycling routes in the region - after all, if in doubt, they can also be explored wonderfully on foot ...

More about Estelle and her blog

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