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Katrin Jäger is a convinced returnee to Münsterland.
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Katrin Jäger: Once Münster - Berlin and back

"I love Berlin, but at the same time I'm a total country bumpkin": this is how Katrin Jäger describes her relationship to her old, new, and again old home. The 51-year-old grew up in the Telgte district of Westbevern in the Warendorf district and went straight to Berlin after studying journalism in Münster. After eight years she came back - and is more than happy about her decision. "I always had one foot in the door at home - 'at home', that's always Münsterland." In the meantime, she has lived back in her birthplace of Westbevern for 17 years, has two children and the "most beautiful job in the world": writing. Among other things, about the region.

More freedom for the children

And as if fate had divined her secret wish to return back then in Berlin: at a party in the capital she met her husband - who came from Telgte, of all places! When the desire to have children came up, she could no longer imagine a life in Berlin. "I had a very, very happy childhood in Münsterland," says Jäger. She wanted the same for her children. The idea of living in the middle of the city on the seventh floor and having to take the car for every trip to the countryside made the decision mature. "Everything is a bit easier in the countryside, my sons enjoy greater freedom and can discover their surroundings independently without me having to worry."

Profession and vocation: Putting the Münsterland into words

Her return to work was somewhat more bumpy. After about eight years as an editor at Berlin's biggest daily newspaper, Jäger quit relatively spontaneously, without already having a permanent job in Münsterland. "I was a bit naïve and thought that after these eight years in Berlin, the world was waiting for me here," she says with a laugh. Once she arrived here, she started her family and continued to work as a freelancer for the newspaper in Berlin. And in retrospect, this phase proved to be just right: Katrin Jäger finally had time to realise her dream and write a crime novel. About Münsterland, of course ...

In the meantime, she leads a very free professional life and writes as a trained journalist, copywriter and author for a wide variety of magazines and clients. The Münsterland was and is an inspiration to her more than once: Westbevern has several appearances in her novels and her book "52 kleine & große Eskapaden im Münsterland" (52 small & big escapades in the Münsterland) also makes you want to visit the region. "For the escapades, I got to know my old homeland all over again. I was much more aware of nature than I remembered. Sometimes I think I'm on holiday."

Telgte: A romantic small town near Münster. Telgte: A romantic small town near Münster.
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Katrin's very personal excursion tips:
  1. The mouth of the Bever-Ems. There's a wooden bridge and a bench where I always take a photo. That's my absolute recreation spot.
  2. Telgte. The town is simply beautiful and has something very special.
  3. Westruper Heide. The purple sea of blossoms is overwhelming.
  4. Tuttenbrocksee and the Holy Sea. The latter has something very primal and enchanted about it.
  5. Rieselfelder in Münster. I am still very enthusiastic about the atmosphere there.

The Münsterland can also do Berlin

And even though the difference could not be greater, Katrin Jäger finds a lot of Berlin in Westbevern: the improvisation, the "just do it" when something doesn't work out. And the somewhat 'chummy' atmosphere in the countryside - that reminds her a lot of Berlin. And Westbevern can also keep up with the big city in terms of diversity: "In Berlin, you are often in your own bubble and only with people from your own milieu. In Westbevern I get together with many different people, older and younger, the professor and the farmer, former and new friends." A conversation on the street, in the supermarket, in the forest - that is the real, the good life for Katrin Jäger.

And when the longing becomes too great - at least once a year - she is drawn back to the capital. But only to visit, of course ...

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The Chapel of Telgte The Chapel of Telgte
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Great small town
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