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The Kux family of five has returned to Münsterland from Hamburg.

The Kux family: From Hamburg back to Münsterland

"We are insanely happy to be back!"

Chefs Laurin and Dana Kux are always open to new things - not only in cooking, but also in living. It only took a few weeks for the couple from Münsterland to put their decision to move to Hamburg into action in 2012. Now they have returned to their home in Münsterland - with three children and a lot of cooking experience under their belts.

Growing up in Münster and Nordwalde

Dana and Laurin both grew up in the region, he in Münster, she in Nordwalde. After school, they both trained as chefs, and they met while working at the "Hof zur Linde". Spontaneously, they decided to see something different together. Where to go? "Ever since the class trip, I've wanted to go to Hamburg," Laurin says with a grin. No sooner said than done. First the Kux found a flat there, and a little later a job. In a few years Laurin developed from a young chef to a star chef, and the couple also had three children, who are now between three and seven years old.

They finally decided to return in 2018 for the sake of their family. Now they are closer to their parents again, and the Münsterland region made their dream of owning their own home possible. "I'm incredibly happy to be back," says 30-year-old Laurin - "Even though I never really wanted village life like this, I really like it now." The same goes for his wife and children.

Chef at the Ackermann Restaurant

Fittingly, the Ackermann restaurant in Münster-Roxel was looking for a new chef at exactly that time. Laurin applied at the very last moment - with success. Dana has also been active in the kitchen since the move to Ackermann: she has a knack for dessert creations and also enjoys growing herbs and vegetables.

And away from the kitchen, the family enjoys swimming and fishing along the canal or visiting the all-weather zoo. "We just like nature itself. When I go running, I see deer, woodpeckers, pheasants - it's just nice," Laurin says. In addition, the parents appreciate that their children can simply ride their scooters to school without having to worry.

The taste of childhood

And what about the Münsterland specialities, does the family also get excited about everything from wedding soup to men's cream? "I think it's all brilliant, it's the taste of my childhood," Laurin tells us. "And Münsterland onion meat is one of my favourite dishes." At home, however, the Kux also like to have something simple on their plates. Pasta with tomato sauce, for example, or Klöschen soup - the children's favourite.

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Prinzipalmarkt is the heart of Münster. Prinzipalmarkt is the heart of Münster.
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