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Biodiversity in the Münsterland Garden
© Ulla Herweg
The Münsterland blossoms
Tulips in Münsterlland
© Münsterland e.V.
The Münsterland blossoms

The Münsterland is blooming!

Münsterland is blooming - this is clearly visible in the more than 350 photo submissions of Münsterland gardens and balconies. With a competition we had called on people to send us their favourite photos of planted balconies and gardens. The response was huge. The gardens in our region are individual and versatile, but above all green, colourful and sustainable. This is shown by numerous photos sent to us by people from Münsterland. Here is a selection of this blooming diversity - and more about the stories behind the beautiful gardens!

The garden as a hobby

The garden not only serves as a paradise for animals, but also represents a great hobby for many participants. This is shown by Gisela from Münster, who has been working on the design of her garden in Angelmodde for thirty years. A total of five nesting boxes offer birds a pretty home for their offspring. They can choose between a bird villa, a sparrow den, a country house and two pretty tree houses. Jackdaws have been nesting in the disused chimney for decades.

Gisela provides the birds with bird food all year round, which is available at two feeding stations at the front and back of the garden. There is always a plate of nuts ready for the squirrels. In total, Gisela feeds about 50 kilograms of sunflower seeds to the birds and about five kilograms of nuts to the squirrels each year. The front garden is also designed to be bee-friendly: In a sea of flowers, bees, bumblebees and butterflies find everything their hearts desire.

A variety of different insect hotels can also be found in the gardens or on balconies in Münsterland.

Destination for insects: The balcony

But you don't always need your own garden to protect biodiversity. A balcony can also be a destination for insects, as Ralf Grabbe 's picture shows. Marietheres and Josef Scheller also took part in our competition. Until a few months ago, they lived in a house with over 1000 square metres of garden space. Now they have moved from the country to the city and live in a flat in the Tibus Residence in Münster with a small balcony facing south.

Here they are now proving that biodiversity is also possible on the balcony, which they have planted with flowering garden herbs and flowers. Now, in the middle of the city, they enjoy watching the bumblebees bees, day and night butterflies.

Relax and feel good

Münsterlanders are also creative when it comes to design. The bicycle must not be missing, which serves as a buffet for bees and co. in Daniel Terhart's garden. But one's own garden not only serves as a hobby and for the protection of biodiversity, but also invites one to feel good and relax, as the pictures by Sven Schwarzmann, Birgit Mecking and Bernd Kösters show. The photos by Isabell Theben and Andreas Tönnies also show that people, but also dogs, feel at home here.

Honey from the region
© Karl Heinz Jockenhövel

The lucky winners

The lucky winner is Gerda Pollmann from Rheine (large photo below). The garden, which she tends and nurtures together with her husband, is her greatest hobby. Her daughter, Birgit Lammers, sent us the photo. Now they can enjoy the picnic box full of regional delicacies together in the green! In addition, we were able to award other entries with a honey, which the Münsterland seal provided us with. Karl Heinz Jockenhövel was also happy to enjoy the regional honey in his garden and sent us the accompanying photo from Olfen.

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