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A flowering daisy attracts many insects.
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Species protection

Promoting biodiversity - at home

Biodiversity in Germany is dramatically threatened. Of the native animal species, 35 per cent are endangered, of the plant species 26 per cent. Around 34,000 species are threatened with extinction. Almost three quarters of all species are insects, which are indispensable for humans and the ecosystem. They pollinate plants, provide for the decomposition of organic matter, for biological pest control, take care of water purification and maintain soil fertility.

Therefore, it is important that we contribute together to create habitats for insects and birds. It's easy to do: in your own garden, on your balcony or on your own terrace. And we give you tips!

More info on the topics

Protect insects and preserve their diversity: The Federal Ministry for the Environment provides information here.

More on the topic of species protection is available from the Federal Environment Ministry at this link.