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Balcony and terrace

Biodiversity on a small scale

To support native species, you don't always need your own garden. You can also create a feel-good oasis for insects on your balcony or terrace with the right selection of plants. And there are many species that feel at home in the Münsterland.

On the balcony you can hang wonderful planters on the railings and do something for biodiversity even in a small space. And if there's not enough space, there are also wonderful hanging flower pots. With herbs you can also combine the pleasant with the useful, do something for the insects and at the same time for your cooking.

The terrace usually offers a little more space for flower pots and the like. Not only insects can take a little break or a "snack" there - you can also put your feet up and enjoy the flowers and insects.

Native species in the Münsterland

In general, it is important to use native species. Kitchen herbs are not only excellent for cooking, they also attract bees. These include sage, lemon balm, thyme, chives and lemon balm. Butterflies especially love the summer lilac. To bring colour to the balcony, the herbs can be excellently complemented by flowering balcony flowers that bees, bumblebees and butterflies will enjoy. True harbingers of spring are, for example, golden violet or bellflowers.

In the summer, insects will be delighted by wood anemone, male chaff or unfilled zinnias , and perennials such as bush mallow or red coneflower are also a good addition.

Small drinking and feeding places as well as insect hotels are also a wonderful place for insects of all kinds to fly to.

As you can see, you don't need a big garden to support biodiversity in the Münsterland!

Pot gardening is not so difficult Pot gardening is not so difficult
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Try pot gardening!

The following plants are ideal for pot gardening on your own balcony or terrace:

  • Columbine,
  • catmint,
  • globeflower,
  • stonecrop,
  • golden aster,
  • woolly strawflower,
  • musk mallow,
  • daisies,
  • Cranesbill.

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