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Münsterland is climate land
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Münsterland is climate land

Climate protection in the Steinfurt district

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The district of Steinfurt already set the course for sustainable development about 20 years ago and decided politically in 2010 to become energy self-sufficient by 2050. With the Office for Climate Protection and Sustainability and energieland2050 e.V., which was founded in 2017, the district has contact points firmly anchored in the administration that bundle climate protection activities, coordinate networks, bring stakeholders together and have the necessary resources to implement concrete projects.

The energieland 2050 e.V.

Stabilisation and long-term structures for a strong energy transition in the district of Steinfurt

As an association of 100 representatives from politics, business, science, civil society and the 24 towns and municipalities belonging to the district, energieland 2050 e.V. supports the district of Steinfurt in its major project: to be energy self-sufficient by 2050! It promotes civic engagement, regional value creation and public discourse on social responsibility and sustainable and climate-friendly living.

As a service partner for the three target groups of citizens, municipalities and companies, the association implements projects and district-wide campaigns, networks actors in the region and offers free and independent information and advice on the following topics:

  • Energy renovation and modernisation
  • Photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy
  • E-mobility and charging stations
  • Climate-friendly and sustainable living

The association is funded in equal parts by the district of Steinfurt and the private sector companies in energieland2050 e.V.

Climate Protection Alliance for the Steinfurt District

In the context of the current public discourse on the climate emergency, the district has founded a "Climate Protection Alliance for the Steinfurt District" in 2019, thus making it clear that climate protection and the containment of global warming are given the highest priority. To this end, the district will once again intensify its measures and activities together with the 24 municipalities belonging to the district and review the goals set with regard to the question of which milestones can already be achieved before 2050.

Renewable energies

The share of renewable energies in electricity consumption in the Steinfurt district is now almost 70 percent. This positive development is based in particular on the development of wind energy potential. With the wind master plan developed in 2011 and the guidelines for citizen wind farms, the district has managed to involve all important local stakeholders in the process, to provide transparent and comprehensive information and to keep the added value in the region. There are now 21 wind farms in the region. The investments made - 500 million euros in the past five years alone - illustrate the great economic importance of implementing the energy transition at regional level.
Currently, around 4000 citizens participate in the citizen wind farms in the Steinfurt district.

Entrepreneur network in energieland2050 e.V.

More than 80 companies are already part of the entrepreneurial network in energieland2050 e.V. and are jointly shaping the way to achieve the district-wide energy and climate protection goals. The members of the network are active in the fields of electricity, heat, mobility, hydrogen and efficiency. The cooperation in the network has already resulted in projects that offer exciting solutions for the realisation of the energy transition. Further information is available here.

Together instead of alone - cooperation with the municipalities

The municipalities are among the key players in the regional energy transition. The district of Steinfurt, together with energieland2050 e.V., has therefore set itself the task of supporting the municipalities in their climate protection measures.

Together with the municipalities, energieland2050 e.V. develops and implements projects and district-wide campaigns in the field of energy refurbishment. In addition, citizens can obtain information from energieland2050 e.V. about energy consultants and subsidies for planned renovation measures. In addition, it supports cities and municipalities in refurbishment management, develops instruments for tapping energy potential and provides assistance in drawing up climate protection concepts, applying for climate protection management and organising inter-municipal meetings, for example of climate protection managers. All 24 municipalities in the district of Steinfurt now have a climate protection concept, 18 employ a climate protection manager. Further information is available here.

On our participation platform, citizens of the Steinfurt district can find opportunities to help shape and discuss energieland2050. You can find out about current actions, projects and topics in your locality and network with actors in your neighbourhood.

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