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Münsterland is climate land
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Münsterland is climate land

Climate protection in the Warendorf district

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The district of Warendorf forms the eastern border of the Münsterland region and borders the districts of Steinfurt and Coesfeld and the city of Münster to the west. The 13 towns and municipalities are home to approximately 277,000 people. Over 70 percent of the district is used for agriculture and is characterised by the typical Münsterland park landscape.

In 2018, 37 percent of the electricity required annually was covered by renewable sources. Thanks to the rural structures and the resulting availability of land, which a densely populated city does not have, over 200 wind turbines and almost 70 biogas plants contribute to this result. In addition, more than 10,000 PV systems on many roofs produce electricity from the power of the sun. By 2030, the district of Warendorf wants to be able to produce 100 per cent of its annual electricity needs from renewable energies.

While a good start has already been made with electricity, heat supply and mobility are still major challenges. However, both are also issues that the district administration is addressing.

Special projects in the Warendorf district

The district of Warendorf is also committed to more climate protection in the region on many levels. It is not only concerned with the generation of electricity or the climate-neutral mobility of its employees, but also supports, for example, the renovation of old buildings for its citizens.

Own buildings and vehicles of the district administration

In its own buildings, the district administration wants to set a good example. For example, wood pellets, wood chips and solar thermal energy are used for heating at many locations, buildings are connected to heating networks and waste heat from servers is used for heating. At the same time, roofs and windows were replaced to save heating energy.

The district administration generates some of its own electricity , for example through a PV system on the roof of the district hall and some school buildings; the remaining quantities are purchased as high-quality green electricity.

Five company bicycles are available to employees for short business trips . For longer business trips, an electric Smart has been part of the company car fleet since 2014. In 2020, another four of the ten company cars will be replaced by electric models, so that 50 per cent of the car fleet will be climate-neutral. By enabling home office solutions, further trips by employees are avoided.

Waste management company of the district

The Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft des Kreises Warendorf is committed to the use of renewable energies in many ways. It operates numerous PV systems on the buildings at its site in Ennigerloh, and a large PV system on the covered landfill site may be added in the future.

Biowaste is partly used in a biogas plant to generate energy. Landfill gas, which is produced during rotting processes in the landfill, is collected and converted into electricity and heat in gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plants. The heat is used to heat buildings at the Ennigerloh site. Surplus is sent in the form of hot water to a neighbouring company and used to heat the Ennigerloh swimming pools.

There is also an electric company car at AWG and energy savings are being driven forward in the machinery.

Compliment Old House! Action old building

Since the heat transition requires further support and the district of Warendorf sees great efficiency potential in the building stock of private individuals and the housing industry, the renovation campaign "Compliment old house! Aktion Altbau" renovation campaign was carried out from 2015 to 2017. At the end of the project, there were 22 public campaigns, 21 individual renovation concepts, dozens of press reports and blog posts, and around 700 participants in the events.

Furthermore, the district of Warendorf offers permanent energy consultations through the consumer advice centre and provides information and lists of craftsmen through the state-wide project ALTBAUNEU.

With a solar roof register, which was concentrated on a website together with the towns and municipalities, the use of solar energy is to be further promoted through independent information.


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