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Münsterland is climate land
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With commitment to climate protection
Climate Land Faces

Faces from the Münsterland: Active "climate countries

Buying regional vegetables, not leaving lights on, cycling a lot or using solar energy - there are so many ways to protect the climate in Münsterland. Here we introduce you to some of the faces who are already doing a lot for the local environment as "climate countries".

Click through their stories and find out why and how they are committed to climate protection. Maybe you'll be inspired by their way of life, maybe you'll be able to implement a tip in your everyday life, or maybe you'll want to find out more and become active in climate protection in your community.

Podcast Kurve kriegen Podcast Kurve kriegen
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#Kurvekriegen: The climate protection podcast from the Steinfurt district

In the podcast #Kurvekriegen of the district of Steinfurt, exciting talks by host Kristina Sehr with regional and supraregional actors on topics such as sustainability, renewable energies, climate education, hydrogen, municipal climate protection, e-mobility and much more await you every fortnight.

In addition to special insights into current developments and regional projects in the district of Steinfurt, you can expect many useful climate protection tips "to go" with which you can easily make your everyday life more sustainable.

Listen in and join us so that we can get our climate protection act together! All episodes of the podcast are available on these platforms.

The Climate Land Münsterland The Climate Land Münsterland
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