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Klimaschutzmanager Marco Imberge
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Climate protection manager in Telgte
Marco Imberge

Climate Protection Manager Marco Imberge

Marco Imberge is one of many climate protection managers in Münsterland. He has been working for the city of Telgte in Department 6 (Planning, Building and Environment) for almost ten years. His tasks include the implementation of municipal activities and projects in the field of climate protection. This involves energy and emission savings, renewable energies and efficient construction of the municipality's own buildings.

He is also the contact person for the citizens of Telgte and provides advice on climate protection. He also organises events and raises awareness among local people. He thus forms the interface between politics, administration and citizens.

For future generations

The issue of climate protection is also close to Marco's heart in his private life: "Even if it sounds trite, I want to leave my two children a world in which they can still live well in the future.

Low-emission living

Marco Imberge lives with his family in a KfW Efficiency House 40 in Senden. This means that the house meets particularly high standards in terms of energy efficiency and climate-friendly energy supply. The Building Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz, GEG) specifies the exact requirements.

The house has a heat pump with deep drilling that draws around three-quarters of the energy for heating and hot water from the environment. It not only warms the house in winter, but can also reverse the cycle in summer and cool the building. The system is supplemented with a ventilation system. A photovoltaic system is also installed on the roof, which also supplies the electric car with electricity.

Two further advantages: Thanks to the energy-efficient house, Marco not only lives with low emissions, but also saves on operating costs every day and enjoys a pleasant living climate. "And all this is not high-tech," he concludes.

Sustainable building renovation in Münsterland Sustainable building renovation in Münsterland
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Sustainable living
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