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Sustainable redevelopment in Münsterland
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Sustainable renovation
Nadia and Patrick

Nadia and Patrick: Sustainable renovation

Nadia and Patrick Geißler have lived in Telgte with their three children since 2019. In August 2020, they decided to buy a house from the 1970s, which they renovated over the following months. Move-in: January 2021.

Nadia was in charge of the construction planning. She is a trained interior decorator, studied interior design in her Bachelor's degree programme and historic preservation in her Master's degree programme with a focus on renovation in old buildings. She enjoys changing furniture and turning "old" into something new. Her motto: "Repair instead of throwing away".

The "Münsterland" package

Nadia and Patrick originally come from Bremen and, after nine years in Upper Franconia, made a conscious decision to move to Münsterland. "The whole package simply fits here," says Nadia. She already liked the city of Münster and especially the Prinzipalmarkt from an architectural point of view when she was a child. Münster is also a young, lively cycling city. The young family also likes the landscape of Münsterland. Other reasons include the proximity to their home country and to the Netherlands, where they like to spend short holidays.


During the renovation, aspects of sustainability were particularly important to Nadia and Patrick. The passion for restoration and the attention to detail are immediately noticeable here. The feel-good factor in their own home is very important to the family: "After all, we spend a lot of valuable time here," says Nadia. Nadia and Patrick also want to set an example for their children in terms of sustainability and climate protection.

What was done to the house?

The roof was renewed, the tiles were replaced and insulation between the rafters was installed. The façade of the house was plastered with lime mud and new windows were installed. The old oil heating system was replaced by a modern pellet heating system. No screed was laid as a subfloor, but a wooden substructure was installed and maritime pine parquet flooring was laid. This means that there are no cold feet even without underfloor heating and the swinging floor is also excellent for the children to romp on.

Nadia's renovation tips
  1. Take care of trades early! Craft businesses often have full order books. Conversion and renovation projects often cannot be implemented overnight. In any case, plan enough time and get different offers.
  2. Pay attention to the costs of construction waste disposal! The disposal of rubble is often forgotten or not taken into account in the calculation, but this can result in enormous costs.
  3. Allow for a sufficient buffer in the cost calculation (approx. 10 to 15 percent)! Surprises can always occur during renovation work. These should be taken into account in the calculation.
  4. Get support! When buying a house or carrying out renovation work, it makes sense to get support from an expert right from the start. This way, an expert assessment of the building fabric and the condition of the house can be made at an early stage.


Nadia Geissler
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In April 2021, Nadia turned her passion into her profession: she is a self-employed interior designer and supports projects from renovation to redesign.

Nadia Geißler
Tel: +49 157 32629324
Email: ng-raumgestaltung@outlook.de
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Sustainable building renovation in Münsterland Sustainable building renovation in Münsterland
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