Many projects make Münsterland a climate land
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Münsterland is climate land

Special Projects IM Münsterland

Münsterland is climate land. The reasons for this are the great commitment of the four districts and the city of Münster as well as pioneering projects that were initiated and implemented by people from Münsterland. Learn more about the region's pioneering projects.

EnerPrax: Efficiency test of storage technologies

Storage technologies play a central role in the future energy supply, for example to ensure grid stability. In the EnerPrax project, Münster University of Applied Sciences is conducting research together with the municipality of Saerbeck to determine which combination of storage options is optimal for different demands and generation quantities.

School transport Olfen - rethinking and redirecting

In Olfen, a system was developed that adjusts the routing of school buses according to demand: Just-in-time, the system calculates the shortest route based on the number of pupils boarding the bus to reach the required destination stops. By using the new route optimisation, the mileage of Olfen's school buses could be significantly reduced. This saves fuel, costs and time and is also good for the environment!

Climate community Saerbeck - A community on the way to a climate-friendly future

In the municipality of Saerbeck, the local bioenergy park generates electricity from wind, sun and biogas and is home to a large composting plant for the energetic and material recycling of biowaste. In addition, there are solar plants on private roofs, a heating centre behind glass, a regenerative heating network for public buildings such as kindergarten, school and church, as well as an energy experience trail and an extracurricular learning site - a powerful variety of projects.

Energy cooperative

The Münster-based cooperative offers the opportunity to invest money sustainably. The goals are: Climate protection, equitable development opportunities and sustainable energy supply.

energieland2050 Steinfurt district

Regional, decentralised and CO2-neutral - energieland2050 e.V. and the climate protection work of the Steinfurt district are known beyond the borders of Münsterland.

Emission-free company cars in use

The municipality of Dülmen in the district of Coesfeld is gradually converting its vehicle fleet to electric cars. The employees are not only enthusiastic, but are also contributing to climate protection.

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