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Münsterland-Siegel - Regional food in the Münsterland region
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Good things directly from the neighbourhood
Münsterland Seal

Münsterland Seal

The Münsterland seal puts the focus on the value of local products: strawberries and asparagus from the farmer around the corner. Milk from cows that you know how they live with Münsterland farmers. Dishes created in restaurants from regional ingredients.

In order to create a trademark for food from the Münsterland, nine companies from the food industry in the Münsterland founded the Netzwerk Münsterland Qualität e.V. in 2009. In the meantime, more than 65 members show how strong the range of regional products and dishes is.

Münsterland Seal
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Products bearing the Münsterland seal have been grown, harvested, produced or refined in the districts of Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt, Warendorf or the city of Münster, and this has been proven through many years of experience and above all with a lot of heart.

The Münsterland seal is your guide when shopping in shops or farm shops and when visiting restaurants. It is clearly visible on products.

Producers, restaurateurs and a look into the kitchen

Shopping regionally in the farm shops in Münsterland

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