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The Münsterland Seal restaurateurs

Experience the taste of the Münsterland! Seasonal, fresh and unusual are the dishes that the Münsterland Seal restaurateurs prepare, sometimes according to traditional recipes, sometimes in modern variations, but always predominantly with main ingredients from the Münsterland. You can choose between good Westphalian country cuisine in chic hotel restaurants, traditional cafés, rustic country inns or farm cafés. Either way: enjoy it!

More about the restaurateurs

If you want to find out more about the restaurateurs who not only offer you the tastiest dishes, but also a piece of the Münsterland way of life, take a look at the Münsterland-Siegel homepage. There you will find detailed information about the individual establishments and about the association Netzwerk Münsterland Qualität e.V.

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More about the Münsterland Seal