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Excursions in the Münsterland

Explore the Münsterland outdoors

Is the sun coming out? Then head out into the countryside. Whether it's exploring nature in your own garden or an outing with the whole family: we have a few ideas for you!

Excursion destinations in Münsterland

In Münsterland there are many destinations where you can get to know nature, animals or renewable energies. Many of the destinations are climate-friendly and can be reached by bike or public transport. With the Münsterland tour planner, you can easily put together your routes.

Excursions in the four Münsterland districts

Exhibition 380kV at Raesfeld Castle

The 380kV exhibition is located in the Tiergarten Nature Park House at Raesfeld Castle. With the implementation of the energy turnaround, wind power must be transported from northern Germany to southern Germany. For this purpose, the existing 220kV line from Wesel to Meppen will be replaced by a 380kV high-voltage line. As the first model project in Germany, a 3.4-kilometre-long section of the line will be laid as an underground cable along the outskirts of Raesfeld. The over 40-million-euro project in this section will be presented as part of the exhibition "Changing the cultural landscape through the energy transition". It is open to visitors free of charge during normal opening hours. Guided tours of the exhibition, including a supporting programme, are also available for groups (registration required). You can get an insight into the exhibition online here .

Biological Centre District of Coesfeld

The Biological Centre in the Coesfeld district offers various expeditions and events. You can find a current overview here.

Forest adventure trail Bagno

On the 1.5-kilometre-long forest adventure trail developed by two school classes, you will meet Zeus the sand lizard, Fred the fire salamander, learn about spiders and ticks, squirrels and ducks and why trees are so incredibly important. On 21 colourful and lively information boards you will learn interesting and exciting things that are really worth reading and knowing! You can find more information here.

Guided tours through the Saerbeck Bioenergy Park

The Bioenergy Park sees itself as a centre of excellence for renewable energy and the energy transition. That's why the BEP not only produces electricity, but also conducts research and teaches, for example. Part of the park is under nature conservation. Companies, educational institutions and other users who support the energy transition have settled on the site. You can get to know the bioenergy park on a guided tour. More...

Energy Experience Trail in Saerbeck

In the climate community of Saerbeck, you can learn how to save energy, why carpooling makes sense and how energy efficiency can be implemented in a church that is more than 100 years old on a short walk through the town centre - the energy experience trail. More...

Steinfurt District Educational Garden

The team of the District Teaching Garden offers lectures and seminars every year from January to September. These are adapted to the seasonal course of gardening. Guided tours for groups of visitors are also offered. Further information can be found here.

Informative Teutoschleifchen

The Teutoschleifchen "Steinbecker Runde" provides information about the historic coal mining district in Buchholzer Forst. Numerous information boards tell of the beginnings of coal mining in the Ibbenbüren coalfield some 450 years ago. More...

Conversion map for the Steinfurt district

In the district of Steinfurt, too, there are numerous destinations for excursions on the topics of environment, climate protection and energy. The ESD Regional Centre has created a map of change, which highlights offers, places and institutions that provide information on sustainable lifestyles and raise awareness of ecological issues. These include farms, museums, beekeeping businesses, etc. The map is constantly being expanded.

Excursion destinations in Münster

Sailing across the Aasee with Solaaris

The solar-powered boat "Solaaris" has been sailing on Lake Aasee in Münster since April 2012. Every hour it takes you - powered by the sun - from the Aaseeterrassen to the Mühlenhof and the Allwetterzoo. You can find more information here.

Münster All-Weather Zoo

Here you can not only marvel at the animals, but also learn a lot about the use of renewable energies on site. You can find more information here.

Tree Experience Trail in Münster Castle Garden

The Tree Experience Trail explains the "tree ecosystem" at eight interactive stations. For example, you can learn about the life cycle of a tree or the importance of deadwood for biodiversity. You will also find the answer to the question why woodpeckers don't get headaches when they hammer. You can simply explore the tree adventure trail on your own or arrange a guided tour by calling 0251/83-23829. You can find more information here.

360° Energy Worlds

At Bürgerwindpark A31 Hohe Mark, an exciting journey through time awaits you, from the beginning of the universe to industrialisation and the future. Climb up to a height of 150 metres and experience the energy transition live. You can book the date in advance here . You can find all further information here. You can also find out more in this video.

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