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New to Münsterland? Welcome events from Onboarding@Münsterland
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Welcome events: How münsterlanden works

You have decided to move to Münsterland and the move is complete? The first weeks or months at your new place of work are behind you and you are asking yourself, how do I get to know the country and its people? Come to our welcome events: at the so-called "blind dates with home" you will get to know new people and unusual places in the city and in the country.

You can get your first impressions of THE GOOD LIFE in Münsterland on our homepage, which shows you many plus points for Münsterland, such as cycling, horse riding, business, culture and the associated events. Discover THE GOOD LIFE in our region also on Facebook and Instagram.

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Insight into past events

Thrillers and getting to know each other: Münsterland newcomers take "Tatort" tour in Münster

28 Münsterland newcomers experienced a crime thriller in Münster on Thursday evening, 10 August. During a city tour with exciting stories about the popular TV series "Tatort" and "Wilsberg", they got to talk to others who have also recently moved to the region. City guide Patrick Gurris, himself a scriptwriter for film and television, entertainingly illuminated Münster's success as a crime metropolis and led the newcomers to the scenes of invented crimes - from Prinzipalmarkt to Spiekerhof to Domplatz. Afterwards, they went to the Aposto restaurant for a cosy evening.

Insight into past events

Get to know the city with the culinary city walk "Rheiner Happen Tour".

City tour with delicious surprises: 16 Münsterland newcomers explored the old town of Rhein with all their senses on 3 May 2023. During a culinary city walk through the Emsstadt, like-minded people who had recently moved to Münsterland got to know each other. In addition to exciting facts about the history of the old town, there were plenty of small delicacies from Rhein's restaurateurs.

Insight into past events

Getting to know each other in the city of the horse

At the welcome event in Warendorf in October 2022, 23 new residents of Münster were able to get to know each other on a guided tour of the North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud. Around 90 active breeding stallions stand in the listed stables of the State Stud in Warendorf. During the guided tour through the historic buildings, the Münsterland newcomers gained an insight into the diverse tasks of the stud - from horse care to training and breeding. Afterwards, they went together to the old town of Warendorf. There was enough time to get to know each other over Italian specialities.

The MünsterlandBlog

A visit to the Warendorf State Stud A visit to the Warendorf State Stud
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A guided tour of the State Stud

We spent a day at the Warendorf State Stud and take you with us into the world of horses on the MünsterlandBlog. Maybe the article will inspire you to visit the stable alley?

Getting to know each other in the ice cellar in Altenberge

For around 20 newcomers to Münsterland, they went to the underground ice cellar of the former Beuing brewery in Altenberge in August 2022. During the approximately one-hour guided tour, the participants learned more about the cellar facilities where the ice was once stored for cooling and the barrels for fermentation and maturation. Afterwards, the New Münsterlanders ended the evening at Café Sculptura on the market square in Altenberge. A nice setting to get to know each other and exchange first experiences in the Münsterland.

After-work picnic at the POHA House

Living, working and community under one roof: Around 40 participants were able to experience what living in the recently opened POHA House looks like at the welcome event in Münster in June 2022. The team from the Onboarding@Münsterland service of Münsterland e.V. had invited newcomers from all over Münsterland to get to know each other on the outdoor terrace of the Hansator. After a guided tour of the building, the newcomers were able to get to know each other at a picnic and enjoy culinary specialities from the region.

Getting to know the Dülmen wild horses

In May 2022, a double-decker vintage bus took the participants to the Dülmen wild horses in the Merfelder Bruch nature reserve. During a guided tour, the participants not only learned exciting details about the animals and their habitat, but also made contacts with other newcomers. The wild horse tour was followed by a picnic with a view of the wild horses. A convivial setting to get to know other newcomers to the region and to exchange ideas.

Getting to know each other at a culinary event in Münster's Kreuzviertel district

In March 2022, a welcome event took the newcomers on a culinary and architectural discovery tour through Münster's Kreuzviertel district. During the tour, the newcomers were not only inspired by the charm of the art nouveau architecture and the relaxed lifestyle in Münster's Kreuzviertel. On the way, they also enjoyed a variety of culinary surprises - such as delicacies from the long-established butcher's shop and the party service Eschrich in Melchersstraße to the exquisite macarons at Café Monsieur Macaron on the Promenade. Along the way, the newcomers exchanged their impressions of the region and its locals. Not all participants came from Münster, some had even travelled from Havixbeck, Ahaus, Borken and Oelde. "We moved to Münster from Kassel. It all started with a short holiday in Münsterland: We fell in love with the region with its high quality of life, so we decided to move our centre of life to Münster. We feel very much at home. Through the culinary tour today, we got to know a lot and were able to make great contacts with other newcomers," Sarah Brecke and Michael Lesniak told us.

Enjoyment evening and getting to know each other with bread, wine and culture

In November 2021, around 20 newcomers to Vreden made contacts at a welcome event and discovered the art, culture and culinary delights of Münsterland. First they went on an enjoyable discovery tour to the Geelink bakery, where the participants not only tasted specialities from the bakery, but also exquisite wines. The AV picnic concert with ELIS NOA at the kult, an event of the Münsterland Festival, was followed by music and art. "I really enjoyed the concert at the kult this evening! It was the crowning finale to an all-round nice evening of getting to know each other," said new Münsterland resident Marco Leinz, for example.

An evening at the harbour in Münster

On a guided tour of the harbour in Münster in August 2021, Münsterland newcomers not only got to know the city harbour with all its facets, but also made contacts with other newcomers. After the harbour tour , they came together for a cosy exchange in the harbour cheese dairy , where they also tasted one or two cheese specialities. "It was a super nice evening with such nice people. I think the format of the welcome events is really good and I look forward to more events in Münsterland!" said participant Carolin Woltering, who moved back to Münster from Frankfurt.

Newcomers on a tour of the Sasse fine distillery

"Welcome - and cheers!" Getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and visiting the Sasse fine distillery on the side: this offer was taken up by many newcomers in September 2020. During a guided tour of the treasure chamber and distillery, followed by a tasting with picnic treats, the newcomers to Münsterland were able to exchange ideas with like-minded people and round off the evening.

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Getting to know each other With a game of Swin-Golf

Tee off, hit, Münsterland: Many newcomers also gratefully accepted the offer to play a game of Swin-Golf in August 2020 in Ascheberg-Davensberg at the Eickholt restaurant. They exchanged ideas in good spirits at the end of the day in the fresh air and enjoyed the evening with drinks and finger food.

Poetry-slam at the Trafostation Münster

Many (new) Münsterlanders accepted the invitation to the Trafostation in Münster in January 2020 to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere. The multiple award-winning poetry slammer Andreas Weber, who explained the "common Münsterlander" to the newcomers, also provided plenty to talk about that evening.

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