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On the road by bike in Münsterland.
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Münster moves

Münster moves: The CO2 Challenge

Travel around Münsterland by bike, bus or train, collect climate tokens, reduce CO2 and get rewarded: You can do this with the free app Münsterbewegt. It automatically calculates your personal CO2 footprint and rewards you for being particularly environmentally friendly on the road.

The more environmentally friendly you are on the road, the more climate tokens you get.

"Münster bewegt" tells you how many CO2 emissions you produce when you travel by car, bus, train, taxi or bicycle. And if you choose sustainable alternatives, you will be rewarded: the more environmentally friendly means of transport you use, the more climate talers you collect. You can then redeem them for rewards at participating partners in Münsterland.

This is how it works:
  • All participants receive climate talers for CO2 savings through the use of bicycles, public transport and walking.
  • The collected climate talers can be redeemed for rewards from partners displayed in the app.
  • For each CO2 milestone, the entrepreneurs MOTIONTAG and Changers , together with Deutsche Bahn AG and the city partners, make a bicycle service station possible.
  • In addition, the partner Wells for Zoë will plant 2,000 trees and build two wells in Malawi.

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Why does Münster bewegt exist?

For the sake of the environment: Together, CO2 emissions in Münsterland are to be reduced and environmentally friendly mobility is to continue to grow.

To inform and mobilise: "Münster bewegt" aims to spread knowledge about environmentally friendly mobility and reward people from the region in a sustainable way.

For local partners: By supporting "Münster bewegt", companies can draw attention to themselves and position themselves positively on the topic of green mobility and against climate change. More information on the partners at muenster-bewegt.de.

About the project

The project "Münster bewegt" is carried out by the companies MOTIONTAG and Changers in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn AG and supported by local partners. One of these local partners is Münsterland e.V.

Do you have questions about the project? Then contact the implementing companies MOTIONTAG and Changers directly.

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