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Mitte-Süd: Josefsviertel, Hammer Straße, Geistviertel, Mecklenbeck and Aaseestadt

If you follow Hansaring in the direction of Güterbahnhof, it becomes Hafenstraße shortly afterwards. This leads into the Ludgerikreisel, a huge roundabout in the city centre. This is also the start of Hammer Straße, which runs for several kilometres through the popular residential areas of the Josefsviertel and Geistviertel to the district of Hiltrup , which includes Berg Fidel and Amelsbüren in addition to Hiltrup itself. These places are a little further away from the centre and have a rural character with their own small district centres. Via the canal island in Hiltrup, the B51 leads south out of the city towards Drensteinfurt and Ascheberg.

In the area of the Mitte-Süd district, Hammer Straße scores mainly with many shopping facilities, small cafés, restaurants, a pub and the Südpark with a large playground. The park is used as a huge garden and for barbecues, especially in summer by the residents of the neighbourhood. At this time of year, Hammer Straße also hosts a summer festival, for which the street is transformed into a bustling pedestrian zone for a few days.

To the right and left of Hammer Straße is the Josefsviertel, and to the west - separated by Weseler Straße - the small Pluggendorf on the Aasee. A little further south of the Josefsviertel is the Geistviertel . Both are characterised by residential development, with the Josefsviertel most closely resembling the Hansaviertel. The Geistviertel is also still very close to the city centre, but at the same time is surrounded by greenery: here the houses often have small front gardens or are directly adjacent to spacious communal gardens. The situation is similar in the old Mecklenbeck district, where many new flats were built last year. Aaseestadt , on the other hand, is located east of Lake Aasee and south of the inner city ring road and is characterised more by high-rise buildings. It has its own shopping centre, the Aaseemarkt.

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Prinzipalmarkt is the heart of Münster. Prinzipalmarkt is the heart of Münster.
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