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Münsterland as a location factor in text and images

Münsterland has a lot to offer. Not only exciting jobs in strong family businesses, but also a high quality of life between the city and the countryside, a wide range of leisure activities, culture at a high level - in short: THE GOOD LIFE. But do these soft factors also become clear on your company website? Can prospective customers imagine what it's like to live in Münsterland?

On this page you will find text and image material that you can use to locate yourself in Münsterland on your website, in your publications, etc. and to attract new faces to the most beautiful region in the world.


Would you like to use some of the photos above to promote the Münsterland location? Then contact us and we will send you the pictures including the terms of use.

Mail: onboarding@muensterland.com

The Münsterland in texts

The Münsterland can be anything: Your destination, your workplace, your home. Your region. Embedded in wide and cultivated garden and park landscapes, the Münsterland offers the chance of a self-determined life between city and country, tradition and modernity, down-to-earthness and new ideas. Magnificent moated castles and impressive fortresses, modern towns and original villages, strong family businesses in beautiful natural surroundings: that is the Münsterland.

Here you will find a general text about the Münsterland that you can use for your website or your media. We have also included two links with examples that show you how it can be integrated into your website:

The region logo for download

The region logo is the trademark of the region. We would be pleased if you used the logo on your website and other media. In this way, we can give our region more charisma together. The logo can be downloaded from the brand portal . Since this is a protected area with many other downloads, it is necessary for you to register there once.

Download onboarding logo and text

Logo Service Onboarding@Münsterland
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You would like to refer to the Onboarding@Münsterland service on your website? We'd love to hear from you! To increase the recognition value of our service, please use our specific logo and the corresponding text.

Here you will find the logo optimised for the web and the text. We have also attached two links with examples that show you how the integration can look on the website:

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