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Promoting innovation with a plan
Enabling Networks Münsterland

Enabling Networks Münsterland

Innovation promotion is as versatile as the concept of innovation itself. Sometimes it is a burgeoning trend, a new competitor, or simply chance that initiates an innovation. Often, however, important innovations emerge especially where companies, universities, networks and economic development agencies work together. The Enabling Networks Münsterland project is designed to create this network and organise cooperation at the regional level.

As a regional network initiative and successor project to Enabling Innovation Münsterland, Enabling Networks supports companies and universities in Münsterland in developing innovations, implementing them and finding the right partners for the project. After all, if you want to survive in competition, you have to quickly develop marketable processes, products or services from the latest scientific findings. The Enabling Networks project is funded by the European Union and the NRW Ministry of Economics as part of the ERDF call "Regio.NRW".

Project modules: Think tanks and technology scouting

A total of five Münsterland think tanks are being set up within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project with representatives from companies, research and regional networks. They are looking for answers to questions such as: What do regional companies need in order to expand their competences and be economically successful? Where are the special opportunities and innovative competences of the Münsterland? How can the region position itself even better and enter into valuable cooperations? The analysis of the future refers to the period of the next five to ten years.

The second component is technology scouting. This involves the creation of five technology scouts who support companies in the development of new innovations. This creates special technology knowledge with which companies, research institutions and competence centres can be even better networked.


Exchange and networking at the closing convention Exchange and networking at the closing convention
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Driving the region forward together: Completed funding projects provide an outlook for the future of Münsterland as a business location

Around 100 regional stakeholders from companies, business development agencies, universities and transfer organisations came together at the closing convention in December to share the results and successes of the Enabling Networks Münsterland and Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland funding projects and to take away impulses for the future.

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Reference book "The Innovation Ecosystem Reference book "The Innovation Ecosystem
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New reference book on the innovation ecosystem in the Münsterland is available

How can the innovation development of a region be successfully promoted? Dr Christian Junker (Münster University of Applied Sciences) and Bernd Büdding (Münsterland e.V.) answer this question in their book "Das Innovationsökosystem" (The Innovation Ecosystem) using the example of Münsterland. Here you will find insights from the projects of Münsterland e.V. that usually remain behind closed doors. The authors also explain best practices, methods and new instruments that are essential for expanding one's own innovation ecosystem and can be transferred to other regions. It's worth reading!


Tech Compass Münsterland Tech Compass Münsterland
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Tech compass provides orientation

The Tech Compass provides orientation in the technology jungle. It documents the most important technological developments in five regional focus areas. Learn more about regional experts and best practice examples for selected technologies and get more information on individual technologies and start-ups.

More ...

Technology Scouts Technology Scouts
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Regional technology scouts

The technology scouts within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project are experts in their field. They each represent an innovation competence field and have an overview of the corporate and research landscape in their area. They are at your side as contact persons, fill out our tech compass and regularly provide you with ticker news in our tech ticker.

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The company Hengst SE in Münster produced numerous breathing masks during the Corona pandemic. The company Hengst SE in Münster produced numerous breathing masks during the Corona pandemic.
© Hengst SE
Münsterland company in action against Corona

Many Münsterland companies demonstrated drive and innovative spirit during the Corona pandemic and thus supported the region in various ways in overcoming the crisis. The Enabling Networks Münsterland team has compiled a few examples in its special Corona story. More ...


Tech Ticker Münsterland Tech Ticker Münsterland
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+++ Tech Ticker Münsterland +++

The Tech Ticker Münsterland delivers what the name promises: It provides concise news on technological developments in and from the region. With information that is relevant for technology development in Münsterland. Our tech scouts research, evaluate and select information from the technology Münsterland and keep you up to date with their ticker news. More ...

The Münsterland is innovative. The Münsterland is innovative.
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Innovation Stories

To show how innovative and at the same time cooperative Münsterland is, the project went in search of innovative cooperation projects from the region. And they found what they were looking for. Ever heard of an environmentally friendly labelling machine? Or a smart walking stick? Or a sustainable underfloor heating system? These are just a few examples of particularly innovative ideas from the region. Enabling Networks now presents a selection of exciting innovation stories at muensterland.com/innovation-stories. The website is constantly updated and supplemented with success stories. More...

The project team of Enabling Networks Münsterland. The project team of Enabling Networks Münsterland.
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The Enabling Networks Münsterland project team

Working on the Münsterland-wide networking of companies, universities and innovation funding: the Enabling Networks Münsterland project team.

The project team includes: Dr. Christian Junker (Technologieförderung Münster GmbH), Dr. Elisabeth Birkenstaedt (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences), Jens Wortmann (TAFH Münster GmbH), Sonja Raiber (Münsterland e.V.), Bernd Büdding (Münsterland e.V.), Felicia Plantikow (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences), Dr. Kathleen Spring (bioanalytik Münster e.V.), Dr Wiebke Wesseling (Netzwerk Oberfläche NRW e.V.), Prof. Dr Franz Josef Peitzmann (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences), Kathrin Bonhoff (Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft für den Kreis Borken mbH), Gotthard Walter (Institut IWARU der FH Münster) and Christian Holterhues (wfc Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Coesfeld GmbH).

District President Dorothee Feller (centre) with Klaus Ehling (l.) and Dr Kai Zwicker (r.). District President Dorothee Feller (centre) with Klaus Ehling (l.) and Dr Kai Zwicker (r.).
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Enabling Innovation becomes Enabling Networks

For three years now, "Enabling Innovation Münsterland" has linked companies, universities and business development agencies in the Münsterland region around the topic of innovation, and in September 2019 it entered the next round with new funding. Over the next three years (2019-2022), "Enabling Networks Münsterland" will focus on concrete networking. To this end, five entrepreneurial think tanks will be created in the innovation competence fields of Münsterland. There will also be five technology scouts to support companies in developing new innovations.

District President Dorothee Feller now handed over a funding notification for almost 1.9 million euros to Klaus Ehling (Board of Directors Münsterland e.V.) and District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker (Chairman of the Supervisory Board Münsterland e.V.). The project is funded within the framework of the ERDF call "Regio.NRW".

Direct benefits for your company:

  • Access the Münsterland network : Enabling Networks finds the right professional contact person from Münsterland for you to drive your innovations forward.
  • Enabling Networks identifies regional innovation competences in the Münsterland region and promotes them in the network.

  • Enabling Networks networks companies, universities and business development agencies in think tanks and organises innovation scouting trips to future locations.

  • Enabling Networks helps to develop and set up medium- and long-term cooperation projects.

  • Enabling Networks analyses the relevant technology trends and offers technology scouting workshops for small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

Fields of innovation competence

We asked companies from the Münsterland region about the region's strengths. The central result of this Regional Environment Analysis are the innovation competence fields: They form the basis for the innovation promotion strategy Enabling Networks, which supports the special competences of the region and raises the potentials:

More about the project

Your contact persons

Bernd Büdding
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Sonja Raiber
© Münsterland e.V./Anja Tiwisina
Sonja Raiber
Enabling Networks Münsterland" project

0049 2571 94 93 06

Workshops, seminars, consulting

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Understanding artificial intelligence AI qualification programme for SMEs
07.02.2023, 10:00 21.03.2023, 12:30
Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Lingen.Münster.Osnabrück., Lingen
Organiser: Mittelstand-Digital Zentrums Lingen.Münster.Osnabrück.

With the AI qualification programme, the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Weser-Ems and Münsterland regions a seven-week basic AI course free of charge. Building on the successful online course "Elements of AI", the AI trainers offer direct added value for interested companies with numerous additional and practical contents as well as practical examples from SMEs. The aim of the programme is to increase understanding in the field of AI, to network like-minded companies with each other and to empower users to initiate their own AI digitisation projects in their companies.

The event will take place both on-site and online.

07.02.2023, 10:00 21.03.2023, 12:30
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15th Steinfurt Bioenergy Conference New energy worlds
02.03.2023, 09:00 02.03.2023, 17:00
FH Münster, Steinfurt Campus, Steinfurt
Organiser: FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences

Since February 2022, we have been experiencing on a daily basis that the sectors of heat, electricity and mobility are being rethought and rethought differently. In the symposium, we want to deal specifically with the topics of municipal heat routing planning, future systems for biogas plants and the direct marketing of renewable electricity.

How can the region's renewable energy potential be expanded and used in a targeted manner for a sustainable energy system?

What possibilities are there for sustainable heat supply in the rural region and how can these be recorded and implemented within the framework of communal heat management planning?

What roles can biogas plants play in energy supply and which concepts are particularly promising?

These and other questions will be discussed at the 15th Steinfurt Bioenergy Conference, to which we cordially invite you.

The event is organised jointly by Münster University of Applied Sciences, NRW.ENERGY 4CLIMATE and the district of Steinfurt and is aimed at local authorities, biogas plant operators, farmers, representatives of the energy sector, companies and engineering firms, representatives of industry as well as advocates and promoters of renewable energies.

You are cordially invited to inform yourself and get involved. We are very much looking forward to your participation.

Participation fee

90 €, including drinks during breaks and lunch.

Participation is free of charge for students of Münster University of Applied Sciences.

The participation fee is also due if you do not attend the event despite registering.

Limited number of participants - first come, first served!

02.03.2023, 09:00 02.03.2023, 17:00
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Pleasure Spring Werne with open weekend
22.04.2023, 11:00 23.04.2023, 18:00
Werne, Werne
Organiser: Werne Marketing

At the Genussfrühling in Werne on 22 and 23 April, the city centre will be the scene of regional and delicious events: food trucks on the market square, regional producers on the church square, arts and crafts and flowers, great promotions by local retailers, information stands and a city rally with a competition invite visitors to take a tour of the historic city centre. More than 50 exhibitors have announced their participation - more than ever before.

For the first big event this year, visitors can also look forward to an open sales day on Sunday, 23 April, from 1 to 6 p.m. as part of the Genussfrühling.

22.04.2023, 11:00 23.04.2023, 18:00
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