Through technology scouting, special technology knowledge with which companies, research institutions and competence centres are even better networked.
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Technology scouting

Technology Scouting Münsterland

How can technological developments in the innovation competence fields in Münsterland be recognised more quickly and comprehensively and how can the actors in the region be sensitised to them? This is the goal of the measures in the area of technology scouting within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project. In this way, special technology knowledge is created with which companies, research institutions and competence centres can be even better networked.

The Enabling Networks technology scouts

The Enabling Networks Technology Scouts are an important building block in this process. Their task is to screen the Münsterland for technological competence carriers in a specific field of innovation competence. These can be companies or scientific institutions. The tech scouts are provided by five partner organisations with a high level of expertise. They have an overview of technological developments in their innovation competence fields and can use their network to involve other experts. At this point, Enabling Networks works together with bioanalytik Münster e.V., Netzwerk Oberfläche NRW e.V. IWARU of Münster University of Applied Sciences, the Transfer Agency of Münster University of Applied Sciences and the Mechatronics Institute Bocholt of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences.

The results of the technology scouting are made public in various ways: for example, they are bundled in a technology radar and presented in workshops and at other event formats with companies. The technology scouts help develop and implement these formats. In this way, new networks are created in the region, which at best lead to new innovations.

Goals of the technology scouting

  • Technology scouting makes visible how companies, but also research institutions, can develop in the future and which technologies are or can become interesting for them.
  • Technology scouting shows who can help companies to realise these scenarios and how cooperation works.
  • It supports the development of new technologies - not on one's own, but with partners in the region who support each other.
  • The regional technology scouting approach is communicated in information events and workshops and ensures knowledge transfer.
Possible building blocks

Networking in the Münsterland think tanks

A total of five Münsterland think tanks with representatives from companies, research and regional networks are being set up within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project. These also network on specific technological topics.

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