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The Get Started! workshop is part of the Technology Scouting Münsterland.
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Get Started! workshop

Get Started! workshop

The Get Started! workshop is your introduction to the world of technology scouting Münsterland: The technology scouts Münsterland show you what is behind the term and how you can find out about new technologies at an early stage.

  • Interactive workshop "Technology Scouting for SMEs
  • Identification of technology search fields for your company
  • Search for experts in the region

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Workshop objectives

  • What is technology scouting as part of technology management?
  • Why is it important for small and medium-sized enterprises?
  • How can I as a company get started with technology scouting?
  • Which search fields might be interesting for my company?

Workshop contents

  • What are technologies?
  • What is a technology life cycle?
  • What are disruptive technologies and what is the Sailing Ship Effect?
  • What is the link between technologies and trends?
  • What are the benefits of technology scouting?
  • What sources can be used for technology scouting?
  • How is a scouting process structured?
  • How can search fields and technologies be systematically identified? (Interactive)
  • How can technologies be evaluated (strategy, market potential, degree of innovation, etc.)? + Selected tools
  • How can the findings be recorded?
  • Which tools are particularly suitable?
  • How can techscouting be organised with few resources?
Duration, formats, participation

The workshop lasts two to three hours and can be conducted either in presence or online. Usually the workshop is conducted with several companies. Individually adapted formats can be agreed with the district economic development agencies and the Technology Scouts Münsterland.

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