Hard Costumization

Hard Costumization

Hard Costumization

The term hard costumisation refers to all measures that intervene in the production process to enable customisation. With the help of hard costumisation, it is possible to offer mass products in an individualised way without having to forego economies of scale and learning curve effects. In order to maintain these advantages of mass production, it makes sense for the point of customisation to be as far as possible at the end of the production process. For this to succeed, standardised pre-production with individualised final production is appropriate in order to keep the costs of individualisation as low as possible.

Hard Costumization Hard Costumization
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Prerequisites for use

Detailed production planning

Customised production with batch size 1 also requires flexible and adaptable production. Therefore, detailed production planning helps to keep the costs of customisation as low as possible while still being able to exploit the advantages of mass production.

Use of product configurators

A product configurator helps in the individualisation of products by excluding impossible variants and giving advice on sensible combinations.

Regional experts

Prof. Dr Christoph Brast

  • Process organisation and management
  • Employer branding/employer attractiveness
  • Strategic Management/Corporate Development
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Christoph.Brast@w-hs.de

Best Practices

Nike by you
Nike offers the possibility of customising sports shoes.

At Mymuesli, muesli can be put together according to your own needs.