Product configurator

Product configurator

Product configurator

A product configurator facilitates the individualisation of products by allowing specifications to be generated on demand. This is particularly useful for complex products or products with a large number of variants in order to keep track of combinations of characteristics and their dependencies. The basis of a product configurator is Boolean algebra. With the help of this, characteristics are divided into families of characteristics. During configuration, one characteristic per characteristic family can then be selected. In addition, the combinatorics of non-matching characteristics can be prevented in order to exclude nonsensical or technically impossible combinations.

Product configurator Product configurator
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Prerequisites for use

Implementation of the product configurator in the existing IT system

The basis of a product configurator is data that originates from parts lists, production data or similar. Therefore, the product configurator tool must be integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Modularisation of products

For the cost-efficient individualisation of products, it makes sense to divide them into modules. This saves (individual) adjustments.

Regional experts

Prof. Dr Christoph Brast

  • Process organisation and management
  • Employer branding/employer attractiveness
  • Strategic Management/Corporate Development
  • Change Management
  • Risk management

Best Practices

Car manufacturers
Most car manufacturers offer modern product configurators for customising new cars.

Products in many furniture stores can also be customised according to the customer's wishes.