Soft Costumization

Soft Costumization

Soft Costumization

Soft costumisation describes an individualisation of products that does not require intervention in the manufacturing process. Soft" individualisation takes place, for example, in the design of packaging according to customer wishes, but the service offer of customised services also falls under the term soft costumisation.
Soft costumisation pursues the goal of customer loyalty and helps to achieve unique selling propositions with relatively few resources, which can become competitive advantages.

Soft Costumization Soft Costumization
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Prerequisites for use

Determining a pre-selection

Deciding on a pre-selection for soft costumisation benefits both the client and the provider. The customer is not overburdened in his freedom of design, while the provider only has to adjust to a defined spectrum.

Adaptation of internal processes

Offering soft costumisation solutions requires the adjustment of internal processes. This decision should therefore be thoroughly thought through in advance in order to rule out possible disruptions in advance.

Regional experts

Prof. Dr Christoph Brast

  • Process organisation and management
  • Employer branding/employer attractiveness
  • Strategic Management/Corporate Development
  • Change Management
  • Risk management

Best Practices

Nutella offers a label personalisation option.

At Nivea, cream tins can be personalised with photos.