Biomarkers for medicine or biology are measurable parameters of biological processes that have prognostic or diagnostic significance and are therefore used as indicators of, for example, environmental stresses or diseases. Such biomarkers can be genetic, anatomical, physiological or biochemical characteristics. They can be detected in tissues and endogenous fluids such as blood.

Technical testing of biological samples Technical testing of biological samples

Regional experts:

EUREGIO Biomedtech Center, Münster University of Applied Sciences

  • Laparoscopy, surgical robots, 3D navigation, fluorescence detection and AI-based diagnostics

Institute for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, WWU Münster

  • Individualised pharmacotherapy and identification of biomarkers

Best practices/applications/signals:

Biocheck Ltd.

  • Development of test systems for the measurement of allergy and autoimmune diseases, which can be used as platform technology for multi-parameter measurement

Beta-sense GmbH

  • Development of innovative blood tests for the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS

Carpegen GmbH

  • Development of molecular diagnostic methods and integrated systems based on real-time PCR.

BDL Laboratory Diagnostics GmbH

  • Laboratory and manufacturing company for biological products in the field of immunological diagnostics