AI-supported evaluation

AI-supported evaluation

AI-supported evaluation

AI-supported evaluation of various data from imaging and analysis to recognise patterns and derive usable medical knowledge, e.g. to support medical diagnosis and therapy decisions. AI-assisted analysis of data from imaging and/or analysis is often used in the diagnosis of diseases, e.g. in radiology but also for drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. AI can be used to process the multitude of large amounts of data in a timely manner and contribute to relieving the burden on the healthcare system.

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Regional experts:

Institute for Medical Informatics, WWU Münster

Prof. Dr. Xiaoyi Jiang

Institute for Computer Science, WWU Münster

  • Image analysis (biomedical, 3D), pattern recognition, machine learning

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Risse

Institute for Computer Science, WWU Münster

  • Biomedical image analysis, image restoration, tracking algorithms and motion analysis, machine/deep learning for image understanding, behavioural analysis, development of imaging systems.

Institute for Geoinformatics, WWU Münster

Prof. Dr. Julian Varghese

Institute for Computer Science, WWU Münster

  • Development of AI-supported decision support as software in medicine (TÜV-SÜD ISO-13485 quality-certified research institute)

Best practices/applications/signals:


  • Deep Learning - Developing techniques, methods and systems for machine vision, recognition, interpretation, understanding, interaction, collaboration and support. Machine learning, mathematics and AI are used individually or in combination.


Westphalia Data Lab

  • AI, data science and software solutions

Qubeto GmbH

  • AI-supported drug testing with insect model