Single cell analysis

Single cell analysis

Single cell analysis

Single cell analysis is the study of genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics at the single cell level. Due to the heterogeneity of the different cell types, the analysis of a single cell enables the discovery of e.g. mechanisms and cell functions. This requires the separation of the individual cells. Single cell research can be used to study diseases and drug development. Potential areas of application are also in the therapeutic field, e.g. in cancer therapy to test drugs in advance on isolated cancer cells from the patient before they are treated with them.

Single cells under the microscope Single cells under the microscope

Regional experts:

Prof. Dr Michael Schäfers

European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI), WWU Münster

  • Multimodal molecular imaging; development of targeted imaging probes for molecular imaging of cardiovascular inflammation; apoptosis and automatic innervation; imaging in small animals; phenotyping of transgenic mouse models; clinical multimodal cardiovascular research; hybrid imaging

Dr. Hyun-Woo Jeong

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster

The Sequencing Core Facility (Single Cell Mulit-Omics Laboratory) is providing Next-Generation Sequencing service and managing high-throughput single cell RNA-seq / Multi-Omics analysis.


Best practices/applications/signals:

Serend-ip GmbH

  • Service analytics for soft samples: Imaging of morphological surface conditions, mechanical analysis of actin cytoskeleton changes, fluorescence microscopy.

nanoAnalytics GmbH

  • Analysis of surfaces and interfaces down to the micro- and nanometre range, consulting on questions for production, quality assurance, R&D; solutions for specific tasks in surface analysis.

Quantum Analysis GmbH

  • Development and production of bioanalytical solutions based on biophotonic devices and components for medicine and biotechnology.

Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH

Development and production of (bio)analytical devices and systems for medicine, diagnostics and analytics.


evorion biotechnologies GmbH

  • Development of high-performance cell culture and analysis systems for the precise characterisation of cells and tissues in the field of biomedical research and development.
  • Fields of application: (Immune) oncology, immunology and regenerative medicine.