High resolution components

High resolution components

High resolution components

In high-resolution imaging, materials and biological tissue can be imaged and analysed down to the smallest detail of surface structure using diversely equipped microscopes. These components can increase the detection limit of certain materials.

Objectives on a microscope Objectives on a microscope
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Regional experts:

Prof. Dr. Cornelius Faber

Institute for Clinical Radiology, Translational Research Imaging Center, WWU Münster

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Evgeny Gurevich

Laser Centre FH Münster

Institute for Applied Physics, WWU Münster

European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI), WWU Münster

BMTZ, WWU Münster

  • Application of the latest technologies in cell biological research, nanotechnology, biophotonics and in the development of innovative technologies for biomedical diagnostics.

Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre, WWU Münster

  • Research into cell behaviour in organisms using and developing innovative imaging methods. Interdisciplinary subject area: "Cell dynamics and imaging".

Best practices/applications/signals:


Development, production and international distribution of high-quality hardware
(cameras) and software solutions for electron microscopy.

Olympus GmbH

Imaging software and solutions for microscopic life science and material science applications for light and electron microscopy as well as hardware (cameras, real-time controllers, lasers etc.). as well as complete systems for live cell imaging and cell screening.


Pixel Photonics

Inherently scalable high-performance single photon detection for many research areas (imaging to quantum cryptography)

Refined Lasersystems

Lasers for label-free imaging