Laser technology

Laser technology

Laser technology

In a laser is a device that emits a coherent light through optical amplification. Lasers are key components of many products we use in daily life. In medicine, lasers are used in numerous surgical procedures (e.g. laser scalpel), but also for diagnosis or in wound and pain treatment.

Medical lasers are used in various ways in almost all fields of medicine. The effects achieved with laser treatment range from simple heating of tissue to vaporisation or chemical alteration. Thus, medicine makes use of the physical properties of the laser to achieve the desired effect in each case.

UV luminescence UV luminescence

Regional experts:

Prof. Dr Evgeny Gurevich

Laser Centre FH Münster

  • Lasers, laser applications

Institute for Applied Physics, WWU Münster

  • Laser development, non-linear optics

Institute for Optical Technologies, Münster University of Applied Sciences


Refined Lasersystems

  • Lasers for label-free imaging

Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH

  • Development and production of (bio)photonic devices and systems for medicine, diagnostics and analytics.