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The Tech-Ticker Münsterland delivers what the name promises: It provides concise reports on technological developments in and from the region. With information that is relevant for technology development in Münsterland. Our tech scouts research, evaluate and select information from the technology Münsterland and keep you up to date with their ticker news. These are published at short intervals in the social media and in collected form here on our homepage.

Exciting news at a glance

Kerith GbR from Münster wins StartUp competition - Energy management more important than ever!

03.06.2022: An energy consultation is a snapshot - afterwards the gas price rises, there is no more oil and crises require a rethink. What now?
Kerith GbR from Münster has developed an energy strategy monitor that helps companies plan energy resources and develop energy-saving measures. Dynamic factors are taken into account so that the evaluation of individual measures can be carried out in a way that is as appropriate as possible to the situation.
The Digital Summit Euregio awarded this idea with a StartUp Award. Congratulations to the Kerith GbR team!

More information is available here.

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Get photorealistic images from your imagination through a simple text description

03.06.2022: In search of images for our TechKompass, I scoured several stock photography collections to find a suitable image that met my expectations. In the end, some of the selected images did not exactly match my expectations. The creation of the image material by an external service provider would have involved a lot of arrangement and high costs.

Can't it be simpler and faster?

The answers are provided by Google with its product "Imagen" and OpenAI with "DALL-E 2". The products are so-called text-to-image diffusion models with deep language understanding. By simply describing the image presented, the AI creates it in seconds. There are no limits to the imagination. To understand the text, the products draw on the power of large transformer language models such as GPT-3. Further use cases can be found on the manufacturer's pages listed below. The functionalities of the models are described in the blog posts listed below.

Google Imagen:
Google AI Blog:

Dall-E 2:
Dall-E 2 Blog:

When the metaverse reaches the masses, many 3D models will certainly be needed. Will these also be able to be created by diffusion models in the future?

Lukas Rengbers, technology scout, employee of the MakerSpace Steinfurt

Preventing product recalls with digital foreign object detection from Münsterland!

19.05.2022: We are all familiar with product recalls by food manufacturers from the media. One reason for the recall is often foreign bodies that were not detected during production or filling. CLK GmbH has taken on the problem and developed the "MultiCheck" system solution together with Prof. Jürgen te Vrugt from Münster University of Applied Sciences. The solution has now been awarded the seifriz 2022 technology transfer prize.

The optical system can detect foreign bodies during the filling of product streams with almost 100 percent certainty, provided they are different in colour from the product to be filled and have a size of at least 2 mm x 2 mm. This also makes it possible to detect foreign bodies made of plastic, for which electromagnetic methods are unsuitable.

The flow of goods is tracked in free fall by four cameras. Several images of a fall sequence are evaluated, so that foreign bodies located in the middle of the material flow can also be detected. Safe detection is supported by the use of a powerful LED illumination unit. The system can reliably inspect up to 100 drops per minute for foreign objects.

Due to its adaptability to almost any multihead weigher, the system solution is certainly interesting for many users.

The product brochure is available here.

Lukas Rengbers, technology scout, employee of the MakerSpace Steinfurt

Intelligent screw connections - torque adé?

11.05.2022: There is much more behind screwed connections than just a screw and a nut. By turning an internal thread into an external thread, a pretensioning force is created, which ensures the "holding" of a screw connection. However, it is difficult to determine the pretensioning force, which is why auxiliary variables - usually the torque - are used. However, these auxiliary variables are highly dependent on disturbance variables such as the coefficient of friction.

Researchers from Fraunhofer CCIT have therefore developed an intelligent screw that can measure the generated preload force. This is done using pressure-sensitive sensor technology. In addition to precisely achieving the correct preload force during the screwing process, the intelligent screw also shows advantages with regard to the maintenance of machines.

More info ...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Business show in Ahaus - on 08.05.2022!

04.05.2022: On an area of approx. 392 football pitches, more than 160 companies from Ahaus show what they can do and what is new in their sectors. The whole thing is divided into 4 theme parks:

- Mobility
- Pleasure
- Sustainability & Ecology
- Handicraft

The Westphalian University of Applied Sciences will also have a stand and provide information about courses of study - not on paper, but with cool techniques you can touch!

More information is available here.

Christopher Langner, Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Technology Scout Engineering Pro

Optimisation of process parameters through artificial intelligence methods

02.05.2022: In a joint research project with the Süddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum (SKZ), Frauenhofer Spinn-off Plus 10 has developed the "Darwin" programme, which optimises the process parameters of injection moulding machines with regard to shorter cycle times. In addition, the optimisation should enable the machines to produce without rejects.

The project is made possible by the use of AI and machine learning. This involves learning behavioural models based on high-frequency machine data. Based on the behavioural model, the system suggests optimised process parameters that can be used for the next machine cycles. The knowledge gained from the analysis of the machine data can then subsequently be used for other specific machines with less effort.

Optimised processes play an important role especially in sustainable plastics processing, which is why the research project will also be important for a functioning circular economy.

Click here for more information.

Lukas Rengbers, technology scout, employee of the MakerSpace Steinfurt

Technik Expo 2022 Münsterland - budding technicians present exciting projects!

27.04.2022: The Pictorius-Berufskolleg from Coesfeld is organising the Technik Expo 2022 this coming weekend. The technician groups from the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering technology will present exciting projects and show what innovative power is to be found in Münsterland!

The following companies will be represented:
- Trapo AG
- Elanko Elektro Kock GmbH & Co. KG
- Heimann Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG
- Farmermobil GmbH
- Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH
- Maschinenfabrik dücker - Gerhard Dücker GmbH & Co. KG
- WiRoPa GmbH
- Wenker GmbH & Co.KG
- WiPa Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH
- J.W. Ostendorf GmbH & Co. KG
- Klinikum Westmünsterland GmbH
- Theisen GmbH & Co. KG

Furthermore, the Pictorius-Berufskolleg offers an open day on Saturday (30.04. from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) to all interested parties.

More information...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Evaluation of commercialisation potentials of scientific papers using AI!

26.04.2022: Technology and knowledge transfer describes the transition of research results from science into commercially used products or services. Very many of the technologies used today have emerged from years of research and development at universities of applied sciences, universities and other research institutions or companies.

But which scientific work has the best chance of being exploited in industry? The large number of scientific publications makes this a major challenge for the staff of the transfer offices. So far, start-up and spin-off potentials can only be identified by manually sifting through the scientific papers.

The ScoutinScience solution makes it easier. Together with the University of Twente and other partners, a solution was developed that uses Big Data and artificial intelligence methods to identify the commercialisation potential of scientific papers.

Click here for the provider.

Lukas Rengbers, technology scout, employee of the MakerSpace Steinfurt

Cybersecurity Industry 4.0 - Protecting networked production systems

21.04.2022: As many advantages as networked production offers, it is also vulnerable to cyberattacks. But how do you protect sensitive company data from such attacks?
The IHK Nord Westfalen is offering a free consultation with experts in this field on Tuesday, 26.04 from 15:00-16:30.

Click here to register.

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Machine Learning in Production - ML4P

13.04.2022: ML4P - Machine Learning for Production is a project of the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation. The project aims to enable companies to optimise their production with the help of ML technologies.
The basis of the process optimisation is a scientifically based procedure model. After an as-is analysis, the experts identify optimisation potential and define goals for more efficient production. Subsequently, a concept for the implementation of ML is developed.
The aim is to make production more resource-efficient, faster and more energy-efficient. For this purpose, ML-based software tools analyse machine data to identify previously unknown correlations.

More information ...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Robots, agriculture and weeds - does that go together?

06.04.2022: According to Rodja Trappe, it is! With his company Zauberzeug, he designs and builds, among other things, robots to assist in weed control in agriculture.

Like industry, agriculture is also trying to have manual processes carried out by robots in order to relieve humans of monotonous tasks. The most modern technologies from robotics and AI are used for this.

And something like this doesn't come from Silicon Valley? No, magic stuff comes from Havixbeck in the beautiful Münsterland! Interested?

You can find more information about Zauberzeug's projects here.

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technology Scout Engineering Pro

Pushcon Ahaus - for all those who think in FUTURE!

30.03.2022: What business models are emerging in the context of major technological changes? What does education look like away from schools and textbooks? What is SmartCity and what does it look like in Münsterland?

These and many other questions will be answered by a wide variety of speakers from the region or from large tech corporations. From 31 March to 2 April 2022, everything at the Tobit Campus in Ahaus will revolve around our future in the digitalised world. The 2G+ rule applies to admission, and tickets are sold exclusively online.

Fancy some music for the future?

Further information is available here.

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Bocholt 4.0 - The trade show on 03.04.2022

23.03.2022: This year's industrial show will take place in Bocholt on 03.04.2022. Over 100 companies will present themselves and their exciting projects from the fields of industry, trade, crafts and services. 

The Westphalian University of Applied Sciences will also be represented with a stand and show what practical teaching will look like in 2022. Which other companies will be there?

You can find a list here.

Christopher Langner, Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro


21.03.2022: The aim of the EU Plastics Strategy is to increase the proportion of recycled material in plastic products and packaging.

The production of so-called post-industrial recyclate (PiR) was tested in the PrintCYC initiative (Brückner Maschinenbau, Kiefel, Packsys Global, Profol, Hubergroup Print Solutions, Constantia Flexibles, Erema Annett Kaeding-Koppers) from printed films (BOPP and LDPE films with PU-based printing ink in flexographic printing). A mechanical recycling process was used to produce the high-quality recyclate with colour-stable properties. Likewise, the "environmental impact assessment revealed lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the mechanical recycling of LDPE films compared to virgin material production." (Kunststoff Magazin).

The recyclates were then used to produce packaging formats such as bags, trays, yoghurt pots and tubes. The requirements in terms of sealing behaviour, deep drawing and compression moulding were in no way inferior to virgin material.

Click here for the PiR.

Dr Wiebke Wessling, Netzwerk Oberfläche NRW e.V., Technology Scout for Materials & Surfaces

Unchained Robotics - Start-up for automation technology from Paderborn

16.03.2022: Repetitive and simple processes that are not carried out with robots these days? The Paderborn-based start-up Unchained Robotics has made it its mission to make automation technologies tangible and, above all, applicable for SMEs as well.

The company's core business is a marketplace where interested parties can find cameras, grippers and entire robots to advance automation. Furthermore, an online configurator is part of Unchained Robotics' portfolio. This is intended to show individual automation solutions.

Are you interested in new automation possibilities?

More information...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

How much man does the machine need? - Exciting discussion at the Industrial Museum Textilwerk Bocholt

09.03.2022: The future of work is promising - production facilities predominantly manufacture autonomously and processes are transparent and automated through methods of digitalisation. How much "human" will still be needed?

This question will be the focus of a discussion that will take place on 10.03.2022 at 19:00 in the Industrial Museum Textilwerk Bocholt. Admission is free, the 3G rule applies to the visit.

Further information is available here.

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Controlling fluctuations in renewable energy generation with AI

07.03.2022: The importance of independence from fossil energy sources and their export suppliers is demonstrated by the Russian conflict. As a result, the share of electricity generated from renewable energies will be expanded significantly in the future. However, electricity generation is subject to large fluctuations.

The international research project "Artificial Intelligence on the edge for a secure and autonomous distribution grid control with a high share of renewable energies (AI4DG)" aims to solve the aforementioned challenge. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with a total of around one million euros.
The Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences is also involved in the project, which focuses on the decentralised distributed use of AI (edge computing). The aim is to predict the consumption of individual householders and to forecast the power generated by PV systems.

Click here for the press release.

Lukas Rengbers, TAFH Münster, Technology Scout for Digital Solutions

AI Hardware: Event on 17 March 2022

04.03.2022: In order to be able to establish artificial intelligence, AI for short, in a company, the correct selection of hardware is essential. The specialist seminar of the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Centre Lingen on 17 March 2022 will give interested parties a deep insight into the possibilities for the effective use of AI.

In addition to technical content for making the right hardware selection for AI, speakers Christopher Metz (Data Science Center | University of Bremen) and Dr Christoph Budelmann (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Budelmann Elektronik GmbH) will show possible applications of various AI solutions in various practical examples.

To the event ...

Lukas Rengbers, TAFH Münster, Technology Scout for Digital Solutions

Best of Industry Award 2022: Apply now

02.03.2022: In today's world, industrial innovations are more important than ever - which is why the Best of Industry Award is taking place again this year. Companies can submit all innovations of the past twelve months in 31 categories.

Click here for the free application ...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Product Lifecycle Management: Trends for 2022

23.02.2022: Product lifecycle management helps document the entire product lifecycle. Why is it so important at the moment? Stronger networking of PLM and ERP; Thinking in systems; PLM and circular economy; More legal certainty; Rapid innovations.

More info ...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund

21.02.2022: What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Who designs AI and how will AI change our lives? You can answer questions like these after visiting the DASA Arbeitswelt exhibition in Dortmund! The exhibition is divided into five major thematic areas: AI in the City, AI in the World of Work, AI and Control, AI at Home, Why AI. Each thematic area is dealt with in spatially differently designed mini-worlds. A special feature is that visitors can experience AI through many interactively designed stations.

Click here for the exhibition.

Lukas Rengbers, TAFH Münster, Technology Scout for Digital Solutions

Bio-based and biocompostable materials

18.02.2022: The company traceless materials GmbH (from Hamburg) and the team around Re:ganic (from Münster) develop materials based on organic materials. Traceless produces three different types of materials from agricultural industry residues: flexible films, a mouldable plastic and a sprayable solution for coatings. Re:ganic combines organic fibres or by-products with organic binders to create short- or long-lasting products. Both companies thus contribute to the reduction of plastic in the environment.

The products of Traceless ...

Dr. Wiebke Wessling, Surface Network NRW e.V., Technology Scout for Materials & Surfaces

Flender plans to take over Moventas Gears

16.02.2022: With the takeover of Moventas Gears, Flender, a company with a long tradition in Bocholt, is bringing additional know-how from the field of wind power gearboxes in-house. Concentrated competence, product and service know-how as well as the possibilities for multi-brand service are to further advance the successful product brand Winergy.

Further information ...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University, Technology Scout Engineering Pro

DIHK webinars on 5G

09.02.2022: DIHK offers the seventh season of the webinar series on 5G campus networks in February and March 2022.
The focus of this season is on application areas as well as cooperation and testing opportunities for 5G networks. A future outlook rounds off the programme.

The events:
15.02.2022: Private 5G - From Lockdown to Freedom
24.02.2022: Potential Applications of 6G Mobile Technology - An Outlook
03.03.2022: 5G Campus Networks: RAN Architectures and Live Demo
15.03.2022: Insights into Application-Oriented 5G and 6G Research at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Herz Institute in Berlin

More info here ...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Industry trends 2022 - where is the journey heading?

02.02.2022: Flexible, sustainable, individual. These are the buzzwords that will define industry in 2022. WeAre, a manufacturer of virtual reality conferencing systems, has described four important industry trends for 2022. As much as the Corona pandemic is getting to us, it has also brought with it new ways of looking at and thinking about the world of work. These are the industry trends: Remote Work, Digital Progress Spaces, Virtual Prototyping and Digital Know-How.

More info here ...

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

3G, 2G, 2G+ - and what about 5G?

26.01.2022: The mobile phone standard 5G is a key technology for Industry 4.0. Above all, the networking of machines with each other and the associated possibility of real-time analysis of industrial production harbour enormous potential. Nevertheless, SMEs in particular are hesitant about implementing this technology, as a project group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has found.
One major obstacle is the reliability of 5G, which has not yet been fully investigated. Many companies rightly express concerns about this, as even small disruptions in the holistic communication can lead to expensive production downtimes.
Further information is available in the Acatech Impulse "5G in der Industrie". Click here for the impulse.

Christopher Langner, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Technologiescout Engineering Pro

Potential for battery recycling

21.01.2022: Detailed results on battery recycling developments were recently published by Dr Sascha Nowak, Head of Analytics and Environment at the MEET Battery Research Centre at WWU Münster, and colleagues. Parts of the draft concept for the development of future recycling infrastructures aim, for example, to standardise screw connections and joints for automated dismantling. In addition, water-based binder systems for electrode materials are to be developed in order to be able to dispense with the use of expensive and potentially toxic solvents during recycling.

Direct recycling is also an approach in the concept design. Thus, the material could be used in new cells directly after reactivation through relithiation, without having to take the diversions via the complete resynthesis of the materials. More info ...

Dr. Wiebke Wessling, Surface Network NRW e.V., Technology Scout for Materials & Surfaces

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