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The What-if? scenario workshop is part of the Technology Scouting Münsterland.
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What-if? scenario workshop

What-if? scenario workshop

The what-if scenario

What if ...? The What-if? scenario workshop asks precisely this question. It subjects existing business models and procedures to a stress test. What would happen to food producers from the region, for example, if organic production became mandatory? What would happen if all products had to be taken back by their manufacturers after use tomorrow?

  • Workshop for company representatives and experts - either in online format or at face-to-face events.
  • The results are more than just thought experiments: They help to prepare for risks and structural changes in the market at an early stage with new technologies.
  • All participants should bring one prerequisite with them: The willingness to put things that are taken for granted to the test.

Are you interested in the What-if? scenario workshop? Then contact our project partner Technologieförderung Münster, Dr Christian Junker, expert for scenario analyses. The workshop can be conducted in presence or online. The aim is to leave obvious trends behind and think seemingly unpredictable.

Contact: Dr Christian Junker, junker@technologiefoerderung-muenster.de, 0251 980-1116

The scenario analysis

The What-if? scenario workshop uses methods of scenario analysis. Scenario analysis is a method of analysis from the field of business administration (innovation management) for the comprehensible prognosis of future developments. The basic idea of scenario analysis is to identify factors (the so-called design field) that influence the future of the object of investigation (the scenario field), e.g. transmission bandwidths, population development or online access in the population. Subsequently, the development or the development possibilities of these factors are forecast in order to create future scenarios combinatorially from the possible development lines of the factors.

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szenarioanalyse

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