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Help with the business plan

No business without a business plan! But what is that anyway? Find out more here!

The common thread in the business plan

A business plan should be structured like a stage direction that precisely describes the individual steps in the start-up process. In the following you will find a structural aid that will help you not to lose the thread in your business plan.

1. summary (Executive Summery)

  • Presentation of the most important points
  • Short and concise formulations
  • Reader gains a quick overview of the business idea

2. business idea

  • Detailed formulation of the business idea
  • Customer benefits
  • Short-term and long-term business goals

3. founder (team)

  • Personal prerequisites of the founder/founding team
  • Technical and commercial competences
  • Description of the social/personal environment
  • Motivation of the founder/founding team

4. customer/market/competition

  • Definition of the target group
  • Target market segment
  • Classification in an industry/market
  • Development of the industry (trends)
  • Analysis of the competitive situation

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