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Company succession in Münsterland
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Company succession in Münsterland
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Company succession

Contents from seminars and events

Here you will find information, slides and videos on the topic of business succession. Find out about past seminars and events on topics such as start-up vs. succession, work-life balance, communication as a manager or personal aptitudes of female founders and self-employed people.

#Youngstarts Business Succession Digi Meet

Implementing and shaping, leading employees, taking responsibility, having visions: For Melanie Baum, this is part of being an entrepreneur. At the #Youngstarts Business Succession Digi Meet, other exciting personalities spoke and discussed with her about how business succession works - and of course also about how to drive such succession to the wall in any case.

Together with Melanie Baum, owner of Baum Zerspanungstechnik, Johannes Austermann, boss of Scala Filmtheater in Warendorf, and André Schulze Forsthövel, company successor at Brandschutz-Center Münster Brinck, sat on the digital podium and told their own succession stories. The evening was moderated by freelance journalist Andrea Hansen.

But an excursion into theory was not to be missed either. Tax consultant Santina John gave a detailed presentation on how not to do things when taking over a company. Prof. Tobias Dauth and Prof. Alexander Lahmann from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management also spoke about trends and challenges in business succession.

You can watch the event again below. Have fun!

Impulse from tax consultant Santina John

Excursion into theory with Prof. Tobias Dauth

Keynote by Melanie Baum

The Talk Round

Trends and challenges: Presentation for download

Prof. Tobias Dauth and Prof. Alexander Lahmann from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management spoke about trends and challenges of business succession.

Contents from past seminars

Online workshop: I'm going to be a manager - getting the most out of my time in the boss's chair

In this online workshop on 11 May 2021, speaker Katja Dittmar worked with participants on the question of how to manage time optimally as a company successor. She showed how to set priorities, correctly assess management tasks in terms of time and use the five self-management areas of "goals", "self-determination", "priorities", "plan" and "motivation" for oneself.

The presentation is available for download below.

Online workshop: Taking the lead - with a leadership style that fits

Speaker Katja Dittmar spoke in the online workshop on 14 April 2021 on the topic of "Taking the lead - with a leadership style that fits". The participants first learned about leadership roots and leadership images. From this, they developed their own leadership methodology and an understanding of their roles. At the end, the focus was on how to put this into practice.

The presentation is available for download below.

Online Workshop: Perspectives in the Succession Process - The Role of Expectations

The workshop on 25 March 2021 enabled participants to look at the issue of expectations through the lenses of other succession stakeholders. The broader perspective provides important insights to rethink one's own position (in the succession process) and to develop an understanding for the other side.

You can download the slides below.

Online seminar: Start-up vs. succession: How do I find the right company for me?

The online seminar on 18 February 2021 showed the difference between taking over an existing business and starting a business. The common portals and possibilities and their application were presented. The focus was on questions such as industry, size or location. It was moderated by Niko Ritter (owner of Existenzgründerbüro and start-up consultant) and Jana Peuster (marketing strategist and business trainer).

You can download the slides here.

Online seminar: My succession roadmap

In the online seminar entitled "My Succession Roadmap" on 7 December 2020, succession experts Britta Schulz from the Münster Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Michael Meese from the North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce provided tips and suggestions for an individual succession plan. They provided practical information on the most important key points, possible pitfalls and fundamental aspects of a company takeover.

Are you interested in this topic? On request to, the speakers will be happy to provide you with further information and the relevant presentation.

Online seminar: I will become a manager - How do I communicate successfully?

Are you thinking about taking over a company or a management position? Then your communication will be in even greater demand and many conversations will have to be held. Decisions and the resulting consequences should be shared successfully and purposefully with others. In an online seminar on 3 November 2020, Katja Dittmer looks at how you can use tact, a good strategy and the right conversation technique in your conversations to achieve your goals.

You can download the slides here.

Online seminar: My future challenge: becoming an entrepreneur!

Taking over a business is a path to self-employment that is still taken far too rarely. To change this, speaker Hilmar Welpelo explained in this online seminar how challenges can be mastered, stumbling blocks overcome and the unexpected overcome. You can watch the seminar again in the video.

Online seminar: Business succession vs. start-up: the fundamental differences

Becoming self-employed is possible in different ways: some found a start-up, others take over an existing business. But where are the differences and which way is the right one for whom? Niko Ritter, a graduate economist, spoke on this topic in an online seminar with workshop character on 13 August 2020.

You can download the slides of the seminar here.

Online seminar: Company succession - a question of personality?

This was the topic of an online seminar by Claudia Hoffmann on 16 June 2020, which focused on the role of the family, the company, the owner and a look at the associated personal motives when taking over a company.

You can watch the online seminar here.

Online seminar: Reconciling family and career despite business succession.

Take over a company - and still have time for the family? An online webinar on 29 June 2020 entitled "Work-life balance and business succession? Boss, family man and human being: Yes you can!

The speaker was communication scientist Katrin Röntgen from BerufsWege e.V. Since the online seminar was very interactive, there is no suitable recording. You can download the slides here.

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